WL//WH Video Of The Day : Vonsechsundachtzig ‘Means To Explode’

Vonsechsundachtzig is a new dark electronic duo of Ewelina Masztanowicz and Michał Fryc (also in the industrial band Jude) from Łódź, Poland, fresh from releasing their self-titled debut album inspired by The Chernobyl disaster, their name significantly means ‘from ’86’.
Their music comprises a wide sonic palette with elements of ambient, drone, darkwave, noise and mainly draws its inspiration from the classic industrial and power electronics sound.
A significant and enviable ability in shaping nightmarish post-apocalyptic and menacing landscapes steeped of many contrasting elements at the same time, fear, anxiety, intensity, tension, and violence and glimpse of eerie beauty.
It’s just the desolate and obsessive feeling of visceral cathartic violence that struck a chord and deeply hold your attention, a truly promising and intriguing first step.
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Written by Fabrizio Lusso
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