WL//WH Video Of The Day : I Tpame I Tvrame “Always Near”

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Tirana, Albania based dark electronic project I Tpame I Tvrame, born out of the artistic partnership between Franc Kurti and Dina Hajrullahu, has released last June the brilliant sophomore album“Ikin Vijnë” (‘escape’), vinyl/digital, via Barcelona label Oráculo Records. As its title could suggest, it reaveals a constantly evolving band, relentlessy experimenting and pushing the boundaries of its own, gloomy, electronic sound. Minimal yet subtly intricate, rich in nuances, it’s simultaneously obscure and oppressive, emotional and tense, cinematic and atmospheric, a distinctive melding of coldwave, darkwave, minimal wave, shoegaze, post-punk with even industrial leanings.

Repetitive, hypnotic and clapping drum beats are echoed by menacing, buzzing bass line arousing deep uncomfortable cutting tension, dread and unresolved mystery. The disorienting, ominous and foreboding Dina’s voice is shot through with smoldering menace and impending doom paired with lingering claustrophobic synth loops to create a distressing, icy and murky atmosphere pervaded by uncompromising claustrophobia and unrest.

Check out the haunting DIY visuals shot in shaky, first-person camera, in a found footage, POV-style film, who treks alone through a threatening hiking trail with the blurred vision caused by trippy flashes of vivid colours.

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