WL//WH Track Of The Day: NNHMN “Der Unweise”

Track Of The Day  NNHM

Following the obscure, brooding and cinematic Lynchian atmospherics of last September’s second album ‘???????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????’, Berlin-based, Poland-bred duo NNHMN, made of Lee & Laudarg, are back to a more concise and rhythmic song format, exploring the blurry line between darkwave and synthpop.

The pair close in great shape a very prolific and effective 2019, that has seen also the setting up of their own DIY label k-dreams records, with a new mini-album “Shadow in the Dark”, six stirring, sensual, deeply emotional seething darkwave cuts that hopelessly ignite your dark heart and cold body.

“Der Unweise” is a spellbinding specimen of NNHMN‘s hypnotic darkness-dripping synth-driven pop, harnessed by a powerful and haunting concoction of propulsive crackling and lashing rhythms, ominously pulsing mesmeric bassline progression, loomed by spooky mercurial synths over subdued, yearning vocals tempting secret passions and deep healed scars in an alluringly detached dance-inducing goth-tinged, mysterious witchcraft spell.

Check out the unofficial video from the Sound in the Distance YouTube channel.

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