WHITE BIRCHES ‘Howl’ (single)

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White Birches – photo by Jonas Fransson




White Birches is a Swedish darkwave duo comprised of highly talented experienced musicians Jenny Gabrielsson Mare (vocals and guitars) and Fredrik Jonasson (synths) both with already soloist projects under their belt.

‘Howl’ is the new single from the forthcoming yet untitled sophomore album on Progress Productions.

Both big fans of Kate Bush, they revised with utmost skill and personality the cold and ethereal sound of mid-80’s period 4AD and the new wave sound of bands Ultravox combined with touch of Lynch/Badalamenti magic and the Scandinavian dark electro-pop sensibility of The Knife.

If their 2015 debut full legth ‘Dark Waters’ was a surprising and more than promising debut, this compelling new single couldn’t be a better foretaste of more ‘black pearls’ we need to soothe and delight our haunted cold souls. Definitely a band to watch!

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Article written by Fabrizio Lusso

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