WL//WH Track Of The Day : MAKEOUT POINT ‘Audrey’

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It was a blissful and gazey day here at WL//WH as a reaction to a greyish dull rainy workplace, so we couldn’t avoid a late burst of endearing melodic poppiness from the usual land of Sweden.

Makeout Point are a Stockholm-based ‘violent indiepop’ five-piece comprised of Shiva Kazemi (vocals), Andreas Gustafsson (guitar), Theo Brus (guitar), Alma Broman (vocals/bass) and Simon Hjort (drums).

‘Audrey’ is their 4th single and yet another slice of sheer pop beauty. A bittersweet declaration of devotion ‘I find myself with you…/ And losing myself to you’ built around shimmering reverberating guitar melodies and the astounding Shiva‘s voice, that makes the difference.

After four brilliant singles in a row, now it’s time for the more difficult test of the debut album from a band that already seems to be something special.

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Photo by Beata Cervin

Written by Fabrizio Lusso

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