New Music: TRIUMVIRS “Schandenfreude”


Stalwart of the Peruvian gothic, electro and EBM scene, Lima-based LWS started his project Triumvirs in 2018, soon joined by MGL to implement an analogue heavy synth-driven darkwave sound with industrial leanings and pop sensibilities.

Triumvirs has had many shows in Peru since it’s inception with support from the gothic, electro and EBM scene.

Following this summer release of the sophomore CD EP “Shallow and Pretentious” via Dark Sheep Records, the new single “Schandenfreude” (German word for pleasure from another’s misfortune), is a powerful and mix of synthesized edgy electro, throbbing old style EBM basslines and harsh Industrial rhythms over sick distorted vocals, constantly dominated by a soaring strong emotional tension that deeply involves the listener into complete alienation.

A new threatening, clanging and enveloping Triumvirs‘ unreleased track, titled “Hell hath no fury”, is included in the recent V/A “Sound in the Dark Vol​​.​​II: Halloween Edition” compilation on RDC.

And here a brand new slice of mysterious sinister darkwave, check it out! 

Check out also the visuals for “Schandenfreude”.

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