New Music: thewalkingicon “W.O.Y.S. (Wastelands of Your Stars)” single

Thewalkingicon project was formed in early 2018 by Sasha Rempel, the singer for Kaliningrad break-beat
act INSPIRA and Dmitry Osipov, the member and founder of popular Moscow alternative and industrial
90-s pioneers Crocodile T.X. and Thaivox, who made big noise that times with the shows with The
Prodigy, The Young Gods and Clawfinger.

Following early January debut album “Galaxy of Youth”, the new single “W.O.Y.S. (Wastelands of Your Stars)” is the first preview from the new record planned for 2020 release, produced and mixed by Daniil Smirnov, the modular guru and the member of famous St. Petersburg rock act Kirpichi (Кирпичи).

The Russian duo remains consistent in their style of futurepop/synthpop using Rempel‘ s emotionally drenched vocal range and Omnipov’s haunting melodic progressions to allure the listener. Deep throbbing rolling basslines snap-in sync with hissing metallic backbeats slowly building tension as heartfelt emotionally drained vocals release melancholic harmonies surrounded by swells of synthetic subterfuge and repetitive robotic rhythm mixed with dire drone horns sorrowful cry.

Overall if you enjoy synthpop influenced by Chrom I highly recommend this track.

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