New Music: The Lost End – S/T debut album

New Music   The Lost End

A new entry in the post-punk scene from Norman/Oklahoma, The Lost End releases their 7-track debut S/T LP on February 17 in digital format (three tracks will be available on CD only). The US foursome knows very well where to lead their music and how to perform it. They don’t play easy stuff, the guys know where to take it and they don’t hesitate to dive deep into the mud and play loud and passionate post-punk which they blend with some alternative rock hints to shine better. A Compact and a firm band I heard right away in the opening track Self Control that has that amplified sonic blow throughout. The post-punk trick that makes the song sound a bit faster than it is actually. You’ll figure out soon enough that the band is not only keen on in that specific genre but they show their likes in punk, desert music, and discreetly in metal too, check The Stop Next and Signs That Guide i.e. Put in the pluses of the record a very good vocalist and the very good sound and there you have a very good debut, here it is, throw some love and play it loud, they need it!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike