New Music : L.A. synth punk / dark electro duo SECRET MUTILATOR announces Italian Tour

New Music Secret Mutilator  Italian Tour

Hailing from Los Angeles, CASecret Mutilator (Sepulchral Silence Records/ Terminal Frost Records) is a synthesizer-laced electro-punk duo with a darkwave bent. Upon the first listen, one may conjure up images of bands like Christian Death, Joy Division, and Dead Can Dance, but then the noisy, energetic and circuit-bent sound of Secret Mutilator takes over and the music becomes like a dark passenger.

The duo layers live dismantled circuit-bent synthesizers blended over heavy drums, tape-effects and glitch-noise, offering an aggressive and experimental sound to electronic music.

Last mid August the band has dropped their debut 8-track album “Telcel”, cassette & digital, via Terminal Frost Productions.

Secret Mutilator will perform live in Italy with Milano’s no wave band TV Dust (Occult Punk Gang) :

1.10 Roma, IT – Fanfulla 5/a-Circolo Arci. With Ledi Maru & Mica AndThe Bastard

4.10 Firenze, IT – CSA nEXt Emerson. With TV Dust

8.10 Milano, IT – Macao Basement (early show 19:00 – 21:00) With TV Dust

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