New Music: LLAWGNE “Reverie Neverending” (Official Music Video)

New Music llawgne  

Swedish musician based in Gothenburg, Mathias Engwall under the llawgne moniker delves into the hazy dreamlike intersection between ’90s shoegaze and indie rock along with sprinkles of ’60s psychedelia, in his debut single, entitled “Reverie Neverending”,  just followed by the related music video, the first preview from the upcoming album “Nevereveries”, due out 2021 via Declared Goods.

Fabrizio wrote about the song: ‘an intoxicating sonic alchemy of mesmeric hazy dream pop and shimmering 60’s sun-soaked, psychedelic vibes in the chorus to elicit steadily hypnotic off-tempo rhythms that pulse along with energetic acoustic strummed guitar, radiating swaying airy ethereal atmospherics around dreamy nostalgic male vocals floating drearily, rippled by sudden bursts of 6-string distortion, into the gentle echoing caress of disillusioned bliss…because in the end, it’s just a sublime reverie you wish would never end’.

The retro DIY video captures heat-seeking dimensions cast in red and blue temperaments overlaying a dark live performance left split in two. Merging chords illuminate a shift through the dark edges of reason caught between a train depot and blurry discomforting focus, smearing lines to project heavy confusion onto the repetitious outflow of sound, spinning a kaleidoscope of shapes under a closed eyelid’s blinding spectre-like glow.

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