New Music : L U N A C Y “Sediment” Video and 7inch Single

New Music  L U N A C Y

Philadelphia based dystopian post-industrial experimentalist Lunacy continues his oneiric journey through dark and sinisterly resonant unsettling soundscapes created by hypnotic, shuddering drum patterns and menacing synth repetitions, deepened by harrowing, ghost-like vocals. Imbued with devilish hopelessness and desolation, increasingly engulfed into a blanket of droning trance-inducing sounds exploring  the pitch black darkness of human nature, surrounded by a chaotic world, on the brink of collapse.

A slow burner, distorted and obscure, visionary and obsessive, Lunacy’s distinctive sonic craftsmanship will crawl under your skin and linger and “sediment” in your mind indefinitely.

“Sediment” paired with “The Cove” is the last artefact in a series of EP’s and singles since the moniker has surfaced in 2016 and has been released on Russia’s Cold Moon Records Vol. 6Lathe Cut 7″single (Limited to 50), available from September 7th, 2018. 

The last two pieces from the forthcoming 12 song compilation album “Just The Beginning” due to be released on October 26, 2018 via Altarpiece Records (US, on white vinyl, limited to 200) and Third Coming Records (EU, on black vinyl, limited to 300).

The accompained impressive video is born out of the imaginative talent of Neu Caligula. Disturbing black and white images reveal strobes of color as they phase in and out like an untuned television set. Black eyes of a fetus in utero terrify as lysergic Rorschach test images mutate from insects into disturbing faces. A crushed skull pulsates as an innocent face cloaked in red stares into a cosmos of uncertain miasma.


20.09 – Philadelphia, PA @ FUC Side Chapel w/ Hilary Woods

28.09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Ceremony for Re:Nü 1 year anniversary

29.09 – Philadelphia, PA @ Cousin Danny’s w/ Orion(Aus), Deep Tissue, Strange Passage

09.11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot (Record Release show)

10.11 – Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits (Record Release show) w/ Child of Night, Dancing Plague, Kiss of the Whip, Antiguaofnorthamerica 

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