New Music : In Letter Form – “Edison’s Medicine [Antipole / Paris Alexander remix]”

New Music  In Letter Form Antipole / Paris Alexander remix

The memory of Eric Miranda always stays with every post-punk heart.

Few days ago was his birthday, precisely the 4th, in 2016  I wrote a high number of obituaries, everytime, even for the artists less close to me, was emotionally involved and painful, one was for the In Letter Form‘s frontman, here

In their moving tribute to Eric MirandaKarl Morten Dahl (aka Antipole) and Brighton-based Paris Alexander turn the original “Edison’s Medicine”, from the 2016 album “Fracture. Repair. Repeat.”, into a gloomy synth-driven emotional elegy, punctuated by the distinctive Antipole’s evocative melodic guitar leads and the mournful original Eric‘s vocals strengthened by Eirēnē backing, laced with loss and sorrow.

“Edison’s Medicine” touches on “the shock of life, the shock of death” said Eric “It’s about realization for the need of a change in perspective, in lifestyle. It’s about asking for forgiveness and making amends with the past and letting go”.

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