New Music : DEAF “Shards” (Video)

New Music   DEAF

Wellington, New Zealand post-punk five-piece Deaf is one of the  most favored and featured band over this blog. We have already talked about their second single Shards” (here) as a “captivating blend of heartfelt and persuasive songwriting, subtle gloominess and strong emotional and melodic sensibilities that echo moments of 80’s Marr/Morrissey magic”.

Filmmaker James Henley along with bassist Hayden Ellis create black and white visuals for the track with a lo-fi “home movie” feel to it that effectively matches the somber, lonely, heartfelt mood of the song.

The video introduces us to the character of a “lonesome cowboy” attending a costume party solo and dismal. Who is the cowboy? What does he normally dress like? Why is he sad and alone? These are questions cleverly left open for viewer interpretation. Midway through the mischievous party we see a missed encounter with a girl due to a brawl. Spoiler Alert: Isolated and frustrated by the antics, the cowboy goes outside to smoke. At the end the cowboy is no longer sad and alone. You’ll have to watch the video to see what happens!  

The band’s debut ‘The DEAF EP’ is due to be released on 31st October 2018, don’t miss out!

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