New Music : “DARK RIDER” a musical short film by GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA

New Music   Gloria de Oliveira

German-Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker Gloria de Oliveira is currently attending film school in Hamburg, Germany. A city known for its female musicians with a penchant for brooding, darkly atmospheric music such as Xmal Deutschland’s Anja Huwe, Helena Hauff and the up-and-coming Tellavision.
Beginning in 2017 under the moniker Lovespells, she completed her 5-track EP “LUA AZUL” (‘Blue Moon’ in her native Portuguese.) A Dark Wave/Synth-Pop confection, created in collaboration with the electronic music producer Spampoets.
A recent winner of the coveted 2018 KRACH + GETOESE prize (Hamburg’s award for up-and-coming musicians), she’s currently working on a full-length album titled “AN ANGEL FOR SATAN” due out later this year.
“DARK RIDER” is the third single release off the “LUA AZUL” EP.

The searing, striking, dramatic synths are combined with fast paced repetitive undercurrent of back beats. de Oliveira’s trembling, dark, angelic vocals softly soothe the chaotic atmosphere about the pitfalls of romantic obsession and its tolls on mental health.

Inspired by the creepy sensuality of 1970‘s European “B-movies” such as: Jean Rollin, Czech New Wave film “VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS”, and the German vampire film “JONATHAN”, the video begins with a man running from the Dark Rider. Unbeknownst to us he is really running from himself. In series of unforgettable scenes we find out what his inner conflict is and how he chooses to cope with it.

A riveting video from beginning to end this is one you do not want to miss!

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