new album East Coast

New Music : CEREMONY EAST COAST “Fuck You Sunshine” new single and video


Among the best heirs and interpreters of the My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain signature sound were, between 1995 and 2003, Northern Virginia‘s Skywave, a noisy power three-piece made up of Oliver Ackermann, Paul Baker and John Fedowitz from the college town of Fredericksburg, that released a couple of, at the time, underestimated but essential albums as “Echodrone” (1999) and “Synthstatic” (2004). 

My Brazilian friend Renato Malizia of the almighty The Blog That Celebrates Itself released in 2015 one of his usual beautiful tribute compilations “Got That Feeling : A Tribute To Skywave”.

After the demise of SkywaveOliver Ackermann relocated to New York and founded A Place To Bury Strangers, while Paul Baker and John Fedowitz started the Ceremony adventure with another couple of excellent albums like “Disappear”(2007) and “Rocket Fire” (2010), several singles and a sound initially more electronic with some new wave influences, but still noisy and pretty exciting.

Since the last album “Distance”, at the end of 2013, Ceremony is mainly the solo moniker of John Fedowitz, he has recently shifted his name to CEREMONY EAST COAST and announced the upcoming 5th album titled “East Coast” and due to be released on May 2018.

It will be an album of “love songs with distortion, lofi postpunk, raw shoegaze with reckless abandon, psych. Pick the description you like, take it all or come up with your own!”, but what we care and are sure about it’ll be that brand of abrasive, visceral, mind-blowing and noisy shoegaze John Fedowitz is renowned for and we do like most.

Enjoy “Fuck You Sunshine”.


new album East Coast