Minimal/Analog selections for WhiteLight//WhiteHeat Vol.2

Minimal/Analog selections Vol.2

♦ I’m pleased to introduce the 2nd volume of the Minimal/Analog‘s selections, highly specialized in dj mixes, playlists, bands compilation on all things related to minimal wave / post-punk / coldwave / new wave / darkwave / industrial / rare collections / minimal analog / obscure sounds. Enjoy!

Tracklist :

  1. ‘In My Head’ by Bedroom
  2. ‘Crisis’ by Frank (just Frank)
  3. ‘Things I Don’t Need’ by Human Tetris
  4. ‘Scissors’ by Led Er Est
  5. ‘Lovers Are Losers’ by Molly Nilsson
  6. ‘Invisible Disorder’ by Gold Zebra
  7. ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress (Instrumental)’ by Clair Obscure
  8. ‘5 and Beyond’ by 1991

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