LP Review – 68creep “Goodnight, Sweet Betty”

Review  68creep


Now that’s a really good one! Brooklyn based sleazy rockers 68creep released earlier in late September their first lp following “The Rumors Are True” ep in May. This one is surely a Mulholland Drive reference, “Goodnight, Sweet Betty” of 7 smokey tracks (via Kiss/Kill/Repat Records) that bring on the essence of the aknowledged filmaker David Lynch and the atmosphere in his creations that seems to navigate the band’s total existence! 68creep sound like they where “born” in one of his films, sounding quite raw and poisonous in a sense of artistic alternatives that may become addictive to the listener. Angular garage rock oriented guitars, cool-as-liquor rhythm section, and the most seductive vocals by Kimberly Q who sings her murderous stories to an underworld audience that simply applauds when hearing such achievements. What really nailed me is their knack in creating an atmosphere already from the first note, and though their record is suitable for a lay back excitement with a glass of malt in handy, it can easily throw you out and start swinging to their music, and that takes a natural talent! Black Cat is an example of all these principles, listen!


The lp also includes a ravishing medley cover dedicated to Alice Cooper and Dead Kennedys, yes the Welcome to my Nightmare/Halloween tune that rocks really rugged, really finished as a lament on last night’s circumstances that embarassed some people. Birthday song also dragged me in that driving-at-night velvet mist, a down tempo gem where I though to myself “man, what are 68creep doing? they make that sleazy cinematic rock music with an astonishing easiness, that song is directly out of Lost Highway when things turned really creepy…“. Last, Stone Cold Kiss official video confirms 68creep’s ability to magnetize the sences, they perform live that song (good sound) without any showing off on stage and the filming and post-production duties simply printed their core, a live band honest on their intentions to rock hard and screen their “Lynchy” adorned dna!


Goodnight, Sweet Betty lp is a perfect gift to you and a tricky parcel for your friends too!!!


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Written by Loud Cities Mike