Italy’s Frozen Autumn screening new video “Tomorrow’s Life”

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We are The Frozen Autumn. We ride the crest of the Frozen Wave. Turin’s own, underground legends The Frozen Autumn released their new The Fellow Traveller lp earlier on November 3rd via echozone. In their long and dedicated course the admired duo from Italy gained most of respect, and recognized as among Dark Wave’s most precious acts. Monumental records, antemic songs and a strong fan base over the world that graciously awaits their every new release and dance like pixies at their live gigs. On November 1st, a couple of days before the official release of the lp they published the new video of Tomorrow’s Life, directed by Giorgio Ricci/Blackbeat Productions. A footage on black and white, enhanced by the grey shades and the duo’s figures (Diego Merletto & Froxeanne) who “act” as their own song’s protagonists. As for the song itself, no words, The Frozen Autumn! Synthetic, cold, romantic Dark Wave!!!



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Written by Loud Cities Mike