HUMAN TETRIS “Pictures/Ruins” (single)

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The four-piece new wave / post-punk band from Moscow is back with a new two-track single, after almost a year, busy doing a long and gratifying tour that took them all over Europe and even an inspiring appearance in Mexico, supporting The KBV.

Human Tetris were part of that brilliant batch of alternative new Russian English-language bands (unlike the present ones that really prefer the mother tongue) along with MotoramaУтро and Pinkshinyultrablast, that emerged in the first decade of the 2000’s and made a name for theirself ouside their borders.

Initially inspired by the classic post punk and new wave sound of 80’s iconic UK labels like Factory and 4AD, gradually they’ve taken a search path for their own musical identity adding shoegaze, dreampop and slightly psychedelic leanings to their elegant and essential sound.

Clear and shining examples of their impressive songwriting are the brand new tracks ‘Pictures’ and ‘Ruins’ : dreamy, melancholic, intense, cerebral, bass-driven, jangling guitars crafted, filled with synth textures and minimal drumming; haunting and atmospheric, dark-coloured melodies that float around the grey area between darkness and light and surround your senses. Their last autumnal and slightly cold songs are no longer totally bleak or without hope : an unconditional endless love ‘until our last breath’ screamed repeatedly in ‘Pictures’, an optimistic glaring light of hope ‘I see the light in the dark night / Rise from ruins And illuminate’ reiterated in ‘Ruins’.

The third album is in the making, we can’t wait to listen to more juicy fruits from this late ‘optimistic and enlightened’ phase of a costantly evolving and improving band.

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Article written by Fabrizio Lusso