WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLOOD KNOWS “Softness”


Following last March’s long-awaited debut album “Mood Swim” through French DIY label Too Good To Be True, Blood Knows the alias of Perth-based Australian Electronic musician and producer, Leigh Craft unveils the first teaser, entitled “Softness”, from the forthcoming five-track EP “Ivy’s Trip”, scheduled to be released early in 2023

Mixed in Narrm/Melbourne by Cam Parkin, who has since become an essential partner in the production process for Blood Knows, the single delves into new electronic realms, somehow glimpsed by the album, through the late 80s/early 90s blissed-out Balearic House ‘feel good vibes’, built around dancing rhythms, sweeping pads, soulful hooks, and glittering synths, heightened by a heady and sappy vocal interplay with Luisa Hansal‘s sweetly ecstatic female chorus that flirts her talking partner to ‘take your time to look at the softness.’

An intimate conversation evokes lost memories and sentimental declarations betwixt a romantic couple.

“Softness” is ceaselessly propelled by a racing, punchy ever-percolating bassline, along with skipping beats, that sway and bounce, amid echoing piano keys and distorted swirling radiant frequencies, cloaked in wistful floaty bright synth pads, lilted by crisp syncopated percussive grooves, and twinkling mesmeric looping arpeggios over a heady depth-defying vocal array of mesmeric euphorias, secret breathless desires, and moody sensual cries caressing with dreamy, urgent tantalizing emotions.

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