Fornicata – Black Covers Everything LP

Album Review Fornicata

Earlier in November 7, Fornicata moniker released the brand new Black Covers Everything LP, a record blended with the melancholy of the solo producer from the watchtower mountains of California. Following last June’s ‘The Punished’ EP Fornicata offers an excellent release to guide me through winter, an LP that caught my interest immediatelly and actually pushed me in using Guillotine on radio! It is electronic Darkwave music on its finnest including some pretty imposing elements and the required gothic scent all over, a 10 track journey that amazed me in its quality and poisons! The whole record has a quite minimalistic approach not in the minimal-synth term but in terms of production and arrangements where he only uses the only needed channels to enhance his vision on each song provided by a solid mix too. For example try track 2 Psycho Girl , the most “user friendly” tune from the LP written in the mood for dancing…

 Fornicata started publishing his music only since last March and he’s already in the conversations of the dedicated Darkwavers who (we) constantly seek that step beyond on the beloved genre and some dusty freshness to come along our urban melancholy. Black Covers Everything (deadly gothic title) reveales it’s delights with an unprompted convenience and shares its dark roots like Fornicata was a veteran in the genre, taste Guillotine please…

And so the record goes on with quite a few amazing, hidden musings where he manages to build a simple song out of a good idea without loading his entire musical universe on, just one good riff is enough without showing all or showing off his skills that are obvious. Last, try to make a sentence with the track list as published, and only include few words of your own, and the “message” is haunted…here’s the whole of the LP, spread its wings and play it loud.

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Written by Loud Cities Mike