Echoes Of The City Radio Show Playlist 13/11/2017 on by Mar Gee

Hurricane Heart Attacks– OCD
Reptilians From Andromeda-Love Bait
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page)-Question Of Faith
Ty Segall-Meaning
5 Alex Gibson-Grey Turns to Black
Dead Pretties-Confidence
NOTS-Anxious Trend
Tough Tits-Anxious
POW!-Fire Hose
10 Ritual Veil-Wolf In The Night
11 Autobahn-Torment
12 Linn Koch-Emmery-Bby Nevermind
13 The Weather Prophets-Wide Open Arms
14 The Sound-Hour of Need
15 The Fall – Music-Cruiser’s Creek
16 Static Daydream-The Only One
17 People of Nothing-A Break To Cry
18 Nothing. Existed.-Disappearance
19 Skywave-Over and Over
20 The Oscillation-Evil in the Trees
21 The Lost Rivers-All Dead( screen vinyl image Remix)
23 White Birches-Howl
24 Escape-Ism-Walking in the Dark
25 Inflow-Bir Yerde
26 Loveless Death Scene-Sadness Broadcast
27 Mestre band-Blown This Way Up
28 Tango Mangalore-Cry Madame
29 Doric-So Far So Near
30 Blakaut-Ζάναξ
31 Accumortis-Barren Wasteland
32 Lee Paradise-Farisian
33 LUST ERA-Desgracia






Selected by Mar Gee!