BRANDENBURG ‘No Feeling’ (single) / ОБРАЗ ‘НЕ ИСПЫТЫВАЮ ЧУВСТВ’ (single)

Copyright by Aleksandra Volf

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Another English-speaking Russian band from the ‘2000’s generation’ is back these days with a brilliant new single as has got us used recently. After the beginning marked by a clear fondness for the early 80’s post punk and new wave, the four-piece Brandenburg has gradually developed a compelling personal approach with the genre as evidenced with their last year sophomore album The Foreign Line‘ and the following 4-track EP ‘Cold Nights’, reaching peaks of dark-pop perfection with the introduction of a glamorous sax in ‘Peak’ and ‘That’s not the point at all’, slowly but constantly gaining a growing cult status among the fans all over Europe.

(I’ve got) ‘No feelings’ is crisp and engaging since its gallopping start : pulsating bass lines, clattering drums, shimmering and intricate guitar chords, embracing synth layers, low brooding vocals… we can just ‘fell in love so deep so deep…’

Brandenburg have also a very interesting side-project in Russian language called ОБРАЗ [Obraz Band] characterised by an indie, jangle new wavish guitar sound with already a brilliant 2017 album titled ‘десять/Ten’ and a recent single under its belt. Here is the brand new video of the latter out in these hours, check it out!

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