WL//WH Track Of The Day : BLEU DE MINUIT “Pas encore un chagrin d’amour”

Track Of The Day

Very few infos about this, should be, Montreal, Canada based dark synth / coldwave duo called BLEU DE MINUIT who have just released their debut EP “Somnia a Deo missa” on Musique Maison label.

What I know for sure is that they played some gigs with fellow Canadian synth acts as Automelodi and Violence and since Sunday is on repeat on my ‘stereo’.

It’s a music of rare subtlety and poignancy, based on a minimalistic use of analog machines, brimmed with hazy melancholic melodies, full of anxiety and drama.

The seven minutes long “Pas encore un chagrin d’amour / Not yet a heartache” is introduced by a menacing droning synth noise, until repetitive beats and hypnotic and mournful synth arpeggios soon underpinned by bouncing bass and alientating, dead, desperate, breathy female vocals carry the listener on an intriguing, tense and dramatic pulses of analogue sound.

A dark and minimal wonder.



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