We talked about one of the early singles, at the start of  2018, from the elusive ‘just another post punkish band’ from Sweden, comprised of Olli Ohlander (Guitar, Bass, Vocals),  Frederik Ringwall (Drums) and Peter Bjorkman (Guitar), compiled later into the 9-track album “Les Éditions Ostra”.
The 3-piece has started the new year with the release of the new EP “Awake” via Baltimore, MD‘s independent record label Backmask Records, soon to be followed by the full-length LP “Contradictions” due March 1, 2019.
Their intense, emotional and shadowy distinctive brand of post-punk, quivered with a plaintive dark romanticism and melancholy and coated with dense layers of shoegaze guitar reverberations, permeated the new 3-tracker, from the beautifully mesmerising, haunting and sensual, the title track to the fascinating, deeply wistful atmospheric closer “Your God”.
The goth-tinged, evocative ‘darkwave’ hit “Black Hole” consists of repetitive, powerful, hypnotic drumbeats awash with swirling and jabbing reverb-filled guitar lines that soar in epic resonant searing waves of profound melancholy and gloom, whilst, in and out, ominous, droning and clanging bass pulses underlying a gripping eerie and dark atmosphere loaded by deep monotonous emotionless vocals weighted with repressed sorrow, resentment, and fear.
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