WL//WH Review: KILL SHELTER & DEATH LOVES VERONICA “The Sex Tape Sessions” EP [Cold Transmission Music]


Pete Burns (KIll Shelter), Veronica Stich (Death Loves Veronica)

On March 17, Cold Transmission Music is offering “The Sex Tape Sessions” EP; a thundering collaboration between KIll Shelter (UK) and Death Loves Veronica (USA). Being accustomed to the works of these two talented artists I must say the result of their work together surprised me like a roar of thunder coming from my speakers. No one can describe it better so here I give you what I read in the press kit (and what you’ll see on Bandcamp too):

“The Sex Tape Sessions” is a commentary on the artistic process and the commodification of personality in music. In a highly oversaturated world where music is freely available and easily pirated without consequence, we question the notion of authenticity, uniqueness, and value by exploring the use of redundant technology and niche platforms of distribution. This includes cassette bootlegs, mini DV and VHS cassettes as well as limited runs of vinyl, CD and tape. Owners of the bootleg tapes and VHS videos are encouraged, where possible, to copy, share and redistribute the material in whatever way, and by any means, they see fit. Thank you for being part of this experience.

A severe statement hiding sarcasm and a shout to all involved in the music ‘business’ (artists, labels, fans) and a record of high-octane electronic music. “The Sex Tape Sessions” has two brand-new songs by Pete Burns on the guitars, bass, synths & programming, and Veronica Stich on the lyrics & vocal performance, plus remixes by Kill Shelter on these tracks and a few more ‘twists’ on songs previously released by Death Loves Veronica in her “Chemical” LP (2021). The first bullet already appeared a few days ago and with an official video too, try it and I’ll tell you more after.

Industrialism, and techno music hand in hand with EBM in a quite striking tune in all. Expect to hear more like that in the rest of the tracks of the album and also expect to put it all on repeat for days.

I never expected something so deep or so personal from this collaboration – it almost reveals too much. I think listeners will be drawn in, if not by primal curiosity, by intrigue or simply a desire for more. I can only hope it captivates those curious and daring enough to take a listen”, while Pete Burns quotes “As artists, we often bare our souls and our innermost thoughts in the creation of music. We are purveyors of stories and secrets. As music buyers, we are often invited to listen in on other people’s private and deeply personal thoughts and feelings. We are spectators buying our way into someone else’s world. “The Sex Tape Sessions” is an exploration of that idea surfacing highly emotive themes of sex, passion and death.Veronica Stich about the record

I don’t want to say more about “The Sex Tape Sessions” because I don’t want to spoil the surprise waiting for you all to discover. I will give you their links for you to see who else they have worked with in their course so far and to feel and understand better how easy was for them to collaborate on new music. Maybe it was a story about to happen when the time was right and this time is eventually now. The record will be available on Neon Magenta Vinyl, Neon Yellow Vinyl, Cassette, and Digitally, dare it and listen to it loud!!!

Keep up with Kill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica:

KILL SHELTER | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube | Instagram |   

DEATH LOVES VERONICA | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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