WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH #09-23

by enmiljontystnader

  • Northern Irish goth post-punk /cold wave /darkwave one-man music project of Nicholas Dagger, AKA Devoted Sinners “The Mediocre Goth Club” single

Veteran one-man Darkwave project’s new single combines his usual distinctive prowess to build mysterious, spooky gothic auras with a relatable, comedic statement piece that oscillates through clanking punchy beats, echoing and piercing eerie guitar strains, poignant basslines, and sinister icy cold synth washes, around a dramatic tongue-in-cheek vocal tirade, through a rich play of musical references, about the ridiculous, ironic attitude of the ‘upper echelon’ found in “the mediocre goth club” near you.

  • New Jersey post-punk /gothic rock solo project of Joseph DeMichele, aka Shelley’s Lullaby “Pain Away” single

New Jersey goth music solo project, ‘from the in-between realms of black, silver, and gray’ insinuates a rich, atmospheric, and poignant drama molded by warm swirling synth swathes and searing, rippling guitar melodies to stir up dire intentions around gravelly baritone breathes, drawing hope and comfort from a dark fantasy of escape.

  • Post-punk solo project from Ukraine, Квартира Номер 6 [Apartment Number 6] “Холодно” from the debut album “Парус”

A few months after the first single, here is already the debut album from Ukrainian solo project Квартира Номер 6 to confirm the positive impressions it had aroused in us. 10 tracks with more ups than downs, actually, made of a cold, stark, and minimalistic Post-punk, heartfully vibrating of spooky introspective despair, lyrical desolation, and sonic catharsis. Frigid repetitive mechanical rhythms, crisp retro percussive inserts, the immortal wandering of Joy Division-esque bassline’s melodic bleakness, the acute, shrilling, and chilling tones of the guitar, and occasional wintry dejected synth sweeps, ignite dire and obsessive desolation around withdrawn dirgey baritone broods, for an album of simmering emotional and hallucinatory intensity, to literally convey the melancholy and gloom of these tragic times.

  • Buxtehude, Germany new wave /synthpop /dark wave solo project Coloured Tears – “I´ve cried and cried” single
  • Augusta, GA post-punk band By Thy Hand “Petals” single
  • Swiss synth wave artist and producer from Zürich, Blanche Biau “Mallade (Slowed)” single
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /wave /techno /electro producer Rory McPike (Bleekman, Pickleman, Rings Around Saturn), AKA 2200 “Outlaw” from V/A “Casting Shadows with Maja Pa” EP [brokntoys]
  • Minimal Synth solo project from Greece, Pointe Noire ‘Φόβος’ from the VA Compilation “Greek Synth Compilation” on dry_feel‘s Dystatik label
  • Toronto, Ontario coldwave /synth wave /minimal wave musician Ethan Harman aka ALAN HARMAN “At The Gate” single
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /industrial /minimal synth duo Svaj. “Fallback” single on TZW Produktion
  • Spanish industrial /EBM /experimental /minimal synth project DVRA·LEX· “A Orillas Del Duero” (demo) from “DVRA·LEX·” EP mini-CD on Contubernio Records
  • London, UK EBM /minimal wave /synthpop solo project Nothing New “Nice Weather” from “Hot And Old” EP
  • Baltimore, Maryland-based cold synth project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan, L’Avenir “Silver” from “L’Avenir | Kiss of the Whip” Split cassette EP
  • Montreal, Quebec electro-punk duo, AN_NA – “Tomorrow” from upcoming LP “More Pills”
  • London-based Post-Punk /Italo /New Wave collective SLAXXX “Thin Air” second single 
  • Leipzig-based electronic /synth-pop /dark disco /glitter wave duo TILLY ELECTRONICS – “Was Du Willst” from the album “Tillycious”
  • Swiss house /minimal wave /synthpop /eurodance duo, Karl Kave & Durian “Night is Calling You” from upcoming LP  “Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Night” on Young And ColdRecords
  • Sardinia, Italy dark synth /synthpop /retrowave /darkwave act CONFRONTATIONAL “Replay” off upcoming fifth album album “CUT” [NewRetroWave]
  • Washington, D.C. goth /post-punk /dark wave /synthwave band VOSH “Bleed As One” from the debut album “Vessel” on Trash Casual
  • UK/US post-punk /darkwave duo Kill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica “Sex Tape” from upcoming “The Sex Tape Sessions” EP [Cold Transmission Music]
  • Berlin-based minimal darkwave duo NNHMN “Lush Longing” from the upcoming 8-track EP “Circle of Doom”
  • Wilmington, NC goth /synthpop /darkwave duo DEAD COOL “Stranger Kind” single
  • Central Coast, Australian dark wave /coldwave /post-punk duo Procession “Pressure” single on Team Glasses Records
  • Berlin-based Serbian noir pop /dark electro /synthpop synth duo Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov, SIXTH JUNE “Dance with me” single
  • Swedish post-punk /darkwave solo project of Tess de la Cour (also a member of Snake), MEMORIA “Girl” from Memoria’s second album “From The Bones“ on Novoton
  • Hamburg, Germany EBM /NDW /punk /electro wave duo Levente Pavelka and Johannes Haas (L.F.T.) AKA Schulverweis – “Mehr” from the 7″ single “Mehr b/w No Future” on Ferry Lane Records
  • Melbourne, Australia dark electronics /post-punk collaboration Scarlet Hex & Lbeeze – “Come Around” off upcoming V/A “Devil Dancers” cassette compilation [Unrealistic Expectations]
  • Central Europe synth wave /electro / ‘funk realistique’ act Art Teachers “Perfect Day” from V/A “Casting Shadows with Maja Pa” EP [brokntoys]
  • 2010s German dark wave /minimal synth wave solo project Second Planet “Hier Und Jetzt” from the retrospective remastered compilation album “Rückwärts-Backwards” on Kernkrach
  • French post-punk /synth-punk duo Deathproof Suicide “Attendre rien” from the debut LP “Romances modernes” on L’Enfant Pneu
  • Late ’80s East Berlin post-punk /coldwave act Mahlsdorfer Wohnstuben Orchester – “I Watch You” from V/A “GDR Undergroundtapes 19801990” retrospective collection [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • Leipzig, Germany dark wave /synth pop /electronic Producer-Musician-Remixer, Daniel Myer, aka DSTR “Making That Sound featuring Emke” single                                                                                           
  • Brussels based EBM /post-punk /electro /coldwave duo ULTRA SUNN “The Great Escape” from the third EP “Kill Your Idols” on Fleisch Records
  • Detroit, MI electronic /EBM /techno duo Comfort Cure “Consume It” from upcoming cassette album “Not My Taste” [detroitindustrial]
  • French darkwave /synthwave /electronic project of Sébastien Carl from Bordeaux, HØRD “Ice (KISS OF THE WHIP Remix)” from “Sciences Remixes” EP                                                                                                               
  • London-based goth /industrial /dark dance electronic duo, Dead Lights “Death Pop” off upcoming “Death Pop” EP on darkTunes
  • London, UK dark wave /synth-pop solo project Analog Dance “Vanished” debut single
  • Hungarian post-punk /synthpop duo Post Analog Disorder – “Magányom Éjjelén” single
  • German Italo /retro /synthwave solo project of Damasius Venys AKA Mental Exile “Back to you” single
  • Perth, Australia new wave /post-punk /synthpop solo project Midnight Magazine “Italian Teardrops” from the album “Blue Water II”
  • German synthpop act Beborn Beton – “Last Chance” off the upcoming album “Darkness Falls Again” via Dependent Records
  • Smolensk, Russia coldwave /synthpop project from the vocalist of post-punk band Goremyka, ОТМЫЧКА [Otmichka] “Затворник” single
  • German post-punk /indiewave /postwave solo project, A Transition “Pantomime” single
  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Post-Punk one-man band Memory Drops “Cenizas” single
  • Kazan, Russia darkwave project London Sadness “One Last Time” single
  • Tampa, FL dark synthwave /industrial /darkwave band Gulf Blvd “The Flesh Takes Hold” single
  • Upstate New York/Indianapolis coldwave /darkwave /synthpop collaboration Hororhaus / Square Hollow “Gravitate” single
  • Lisbon coldwave /darkwave /dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, AKA Liquid Land “I Like to Dance” new single
  • East London, UK minimal wave /post-punk /coldwave duo of Ex Noi Kabat drummer Jonas Ranson & vocalist Laura Locke, ZeroSet “Subordinate [demo]” from “Subordinate [demo]” EP
  • Italian new wave /darkwave artist Alberto Almas ‘L’abbiamo fatta finita’ from the third album “Il Deserto Prima Delle Acque” on Slimer Records and Barberia Records
  • Siberian coldwave /darkwave band created by Ashley S., AKA Kult Revolucii “Catatonic Cramps” single
  • London based post-punk band, Es “Swallowed Whole” from the upcoming “Fantasy” 7″ EP on Upset The Rhythm
  • Santa Ana, CA deathrock /post-punk band The Exile “The Passing” from S/T EP                                           
  • Oslo, Norway deathrock /post-punk 4-piece band BATBONER “Litch” from “Flaccid” EP
  • Trans-fronted goth /darkwave /post-punk project from Richmond, VA. Electra Descending “You Got Me Good” from the debut album “Life in Monochrome”
  • Greek post-punk /gothic rock /darkwave solo project Reflection Black “Why Believe” from the album “Last Stop To Nowhere” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • New York coldwave /goth rock band The Hangman’s Daughter “Serafina, Who Knows? (ALT MIX CLEANED UP)” from the single “FROM ASHES TO BLOOD, THROUGH BLOOD; LIBERATION”
  • Post-punk /darkwave project of Copenhagen-based producer and musician Hadrian Esteves, Pulsations ‘Dopamine Sensitisation’ off the upcoming debut album ‘Tainted Covenant’ on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Brazilian indie rock /post-punk trio Fenix e As Cinzas “Canção de Ódio” from the album “Reexistir” on Wave Records
  • Rome, Italy coldwave /darkwave /post-punk project of Marco Cattani, CHEMICAL WAVES “The slow decline (feat BLUE LIVINGROOM)” from the new album “The Graves Of Our Past”
  • Almere, The Netherlands New Wave /Post-Punk /Gothic Rock band The Medicines “Polly” (Nirvana cover) single
  • Los Angeles-based Post-Punk /Shoegaze revival duo OCCULTS “Shadow” single.
  • Canadian drone /noise rock /goth post-punk twin sister duo Emmalia & Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor, AKA Bonnie Trash “Shades Of You” from “Hail, Hale!” EP on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Chicago, IL dream pop /post-punk band French Police “American Thick” from “Bleu” album on Icy Cold Records
  • Trondheim, Norway / Brighton, UK post-punk/wave duo Antipole & Paris Alexander “Perceptions” from the upcoming album “Crystalline” on Young & Cold Records
  • Brisbane, Australia Post-Punk-Goth band Locust Revival “Good grief” single
  • Northern Spain indie rock /coldwave /darkwave /post-punk solo project URCO “Perdida y solitaria”
  • UK dream pop /new wave /post-punk duo PARRAMATTA “Scratched on a Wall” from the single “SCRATCHED ON A WALL c/w Under a Monet Moon”
  • Rouen, France post-punk /coldwave band NICE COLD NATION “En Flammes” from the new album “Cartésiens”
  • Edmonton, Canada punk /new wave /post-punk outfit HOME FRONT – “Nation (FT. Cal)” off “Games Of Power” LP via La Vida Es Un Mus Discos
  • Cologne, Germany garage rock /post-punk solo artist, Ädwud “Flotsam” from S/T cassette album on Mörtel Sounds
  • Bristol, UK post-punk /punk 4-piece Bad News First “Under The Father” single
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina lo-fi /dark ambient /heavy electronics /tribal-industrial/ minimalistic side project of Industrial /Occult /Neo-Folk act Kazeria, AKA Ördo “Chemuel” from debut album “Imperathor” 
  • Amsterdam industrial /dark wave /coldwave /synth producer Pascal Pinkert (Dollkraut) with bassist Timothy Francis under the moniker, Ambassade ”Verderfelijk” from the upcoming second album “The Fool” [Optimo Music]

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