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Video of the Day DANGERFIELDS

South African dreamy Post-Punk band from Cape Town, Dangerfields, made up of Lucas Swart (Vocals, Guitar), Joshua Van Zyl (Guitar), Paul de Villiers (Keyboards, Vocals), Calvin Siderfin (Bass), and Nicolaas Rossouw (Drums), have dropped the 5-track EPHarder- Singles  2022″, a collection of the songs the group wrote between 2020 and 2021, while in and out of lockdowns, released via The Good Times Co. label.

The 4-piece delivers a dark, shadowy and emotionally charged guitar sound at the intersection of bursts of Indie Rock energy with Post-punk moodiness, Shoegaze atmospherics, and a sweeping Psychedelic bent.

The final release from those body of work, the soul-stirring “Harder”, featuring Amanda Lizamore on guest vocals, is accompanied video by a behind-the-scenes style music video by Barry De Villiers.

The song was conceived in 2020, inspired by a situation that one of the band members had been going through for some time which had been exacerbated by the lockdown.

The hopeless lyrics brood in the bipolar sways of a long-term commitment to reveal all is not lost between a shapeshifting couple.

Slow-burning sentimentality drives hypnotic, poignant bass lines to dig and meander with unhurried pounding drum beats, whilst warm rising synth swirls and distant piercing guitar stings lift bewitching heartfelt male/female duel emotions through a lost haunted tragedy cast in drifting crystalline celestial cries, fusing disconnected space, betwixt vexing airs of buzzing synthetic swarms and bursts of distorted vibrating riffs, with eternal lovelorn breaths of unbroken fate.

The intimate, heartwarming video by filmmaker Barry De Villiers, recorded over three jam sessions between 2020 and 2022, shot on location at Lucas Swart’s family home in the beautiful mountainside town of Stellenbosch, South Africa AKA City of Oaks, stirs the mind’s eye of nostalgia with black and white visions of family and friends. Curious, timeless totems of religious iconography, subconscious symbols, and fibrous natural textures swept in lingering flows of surreal motion foster outdoor hangouts and twilight fireside chats to absorb missing wisdom and comfort from the dark chilly roads of Stellenbosch.

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