WL//WH Track Of The Day: EQUAL PARTS “A Crisis“

Track Of The Day  EQUAL PARTS  

Burgeoning post-punk slanted 4-piece hailing from Melbourne, Equal Parts, made up of members of local bands CLAMM and Floodlights, drop their debut single “A Crisis” via fellow DIY label Tiny Town Records.

Using the same formula, yet not replicating, of many current bands such as Dry Cleaning and The Cool Greenhouse, or going further back to the more jittery Life Without Buildings, the band pushes and pulls emotional-ridden spoken word laced with biting and spiking social commentary with an abrasive and repetitive backbone of Velvet Underground-esque guitar chug, thick melodic bass vibrations, and dynamic metronomic rhythms, uplifted by touchingly emotive trumpet parts of brooding introspection.

“A Crisis” introspects feelings of disconnection and repetition through a modern dystopic landscape of cold neon emptiness.

Steady motorik rhythms together with a rubbery bleak bassline lock into a driving hypnotic groove below an obsessive frame of rugged guitar riffs with a grungy edge, sizzling in restrained distortion, that ceaselessly tackle and harmonize, wrapped by smeary, poignant trumpet blows, with an evocative array of spoken word vocals, backup whispers, and caustic rants drawing angsty breaths of frustration and dread from a spectacular veil of relentless fascinations.

An intriguing, vibrant and refined debut for Melbourne‘s band, we await with curiosity what other frills, nuances and colors will be part of their sonic canvas.

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