WL//WH Track Of The Day: DANCING STRANGERS “Echoes”

Track Of The Day  Dancing Strangers

Following last year’s long-awaited self-titled debut album, the Post-punk duo from the borders cities of Tijuana and San Diego, DANCING STRANGERS, made up of Richard Rex and Eric Curiel, return with the new single “Echoes“, the first foretaste from the forthcoming EP “Crime.”

Formed in late 2009, the Mexican unit has forged a gripping and intense sound that has its roots in the trailblazers of Post-punk and New Wave from the 80s (The Cure, Joy Division, The Neon Judgement, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Suicide), fueled and reinvigorated with rambling Industrial rhythms, Krautrock reiterations, and modern Electronica.

“Echoes” witness an obscure realm of sins and secrets to call out those who seek to hide and cause harm whilst protected under a cloak of murky shadows.

A taut and churning journey into secretive and oppressive darkness, bursting with visceral stark energy and distressed hypnotic moods that oscillates and vibrates through jagged, and abrasive guitar riffs, driven by a relentless thumping drum machine along with droning low ends, surrounded by reeling and weeping icy synth flows, whilst haunted, disturbed vocals ache, cry, and wallow, in an angry torment of echoing emotional pain.

Tight black-clad noise Post-punk with a Rock’n’Roll heart.

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