WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – NOVEMBER #48 – 22

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  • Lo-fi bedroom pop solo project of Anders Bรธe (the bassist of The Age Of Colored Lizard) from Norway, Truly Awful Weather “I Don’t Know” single on Sotron Records

I was somehow unaware of the The Age Of Colored Lizard bassist’s solo venture, which while not deviating too much from the dreamy slightly fuzzy guitar sound of his band, indebted to the early 90s Indie Rock, delivers a tasty sluggish whirring noisy pop tune, a perfect fit to corroborate our lethargic winter days, stirring youthful nostalgia through wistful, piercing glistening guitar melodies over buzzing bouncy bass lines and light skipping percussions to carry multi-layered vocal interplays through angsty moods, distorted memories, and numb broods, while wafting disconnected in lovelorn melancholia.

  • Italian dream pop /shoegaze solo project from Fano, Waving Blue โ€œFill the void” title track from “Fill the void” EP

A captivating new EP from Italian solo act  Waving Blue, ceaselessly enshrouded in a reflective and overcast aura, which smoothly fulfills both the aficionados of the classic blurry atmospheric Shoegaze and those of the more crystalline bittersweet Jangle Pop, interspersed with an extemporaneous narcotized cover version of Blink 182 hit single, the one of the video with the band running and playing naked. Between the cascading reverb-drenched swells of guitar distortion laced with obsessive shimmering melodies washing lost heartbroken vocals of the title track to twinkling jangly guitars, wandering through blurry memories and present heartache of the closing track “Lazy Sunday”, making for a thoroughly enjoyable listening.

  • Swedish four-piece jangle indie pop group from Linkรถping, The Slow Summits “Budge” from the 2-track 7″ single “Budge / Then Again” the second installment of 2022/23 Too Good To Be True label Singles Club

Swedish fine Indie Pop crafters touch seamlessly our fond bygone aural chords with a unique freshness and melodic flair, no exception with the new tune that arouses compelling Edwyn Collins-like hopeless broods, breathing melancholy and agony into a dazzling bouncy tapestry of whimsical sparkling guitar melodies, pulsing bass lines, jaunty drums, and nostalgic trumpet, taking us back to a somehow too often missed simpler time of romantic moody blues.

  • Japanese ambient /dreamgaze project, Fluffytails โ€œSoft Clouds” single
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient dream-pop folk artist fhae “love you” single on 4000 Records
  • Berlin-based new age /psyche /ambient pop Gregory Pearce “Bike Ride” from the debut album “Live Laugh Love”
  • Japanese industrial /noise /lo-fi /indie rock /psych-folk DIY one-man project of Jun Konagaya (of legendary early 1980s noise duo White Hospital), GRIM “Parable & Coal” from the expanded vinyl 12″ reissue of 1987 EP “Message” (featuring A. Takahashi on vocals) via Milan’s Urashima label
  • Leipzig-based nomadic Italian ambient /ethereal /dream pop duo She Owl “Still Beauty” single                         
  • Ciudad De Mรฉxico lo-fi /downtempo /electronic /trip hop artist Jiony – “Lo malo de lo bueno” from the album “ร“leo sobre tela” on VAA
  • Montreal, Quebec cinematic /leftfield /psych /synthpop /electronic new wave studio project and Bella Union affiliates, The Beat Escape – “Ash Extracted From Ash” from the second LP “Shadows of Ecstasy” [Aurum Argentum Records]
  • UK shoegaze /indie rock solo project of singer, songwriter, musician (former Ride guitarist and Oasis bassist) Andy Bell โ€œThe Way Love Used To Be” from “Untitled Film Stills” EP on Sonic Cathedral
  • Birmingham, UK alt /rock’n’roll /indie rock singer-songwriter, Dean Dovey “Borrowed Time” off the debut album “Journey To The Sun”
  • Brighton, UK based, British/Australian chamber pop /synthpop /Britpop /indie pop duo Cigarillo “Super Off-Peak Single” from the debut album “Deodorant”
  • UK indie pop punk band (former members of Rosehips, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, The Total Rejection and Horowitz) band, The Science Of Words โ€“ โ€œWeekend Awayโ€ from the 2-track 7″ single โ€œDay Crash / Weekend Awayโ€ on Old Bad Habits Label
  • Aberdeen, Scotland psych /jangle pop solo project of The Vapor Trails founder and fifth member, Scott Robertson โ€œPretend That I’m Blind” from “Footprints in the Butter” on Subjangle
  • Jangle pop /indie rock solo venture by former Melbourneโ€™s Twerps mastermind, Martin Frawley “This Is Gonna Change Your Mind” from the 2023 album “The Wannabe” on Trouble In Mind Records
  • Brighton, UK based psych-folk project of Max Kinghorn-Mills AKA Hollow Hand “Heaven Just Watched” from the third 2023 album “Your Own Adventure” on Curation records
  • Aberdeen, Scotland‘s psych /jangle /power-pop solo project of founding member and one-fifth of The Vapour Trails, Kevin Robertson โ€œWhy” (The Byrds cover) from the 7″ single “Why /D.C.B.A-25”
  • Seattle, WA jangle power pop band The Rallies “Must Be Love” (single) off the upcoming album.
  • Maidstone, Kent mid-90s founded four-piece Jangle Pop /Indie Pop guitar band, The Shop Window “That Feeling” from the sophomore album “A 4 Letter Word”
  • Late ’90s formed UK indie pop /synthpop band led by Huw Bucknell, AKA The Spanish Amanda โ€œThe Lizards Of Hertfordshire” from “Magritte” album
  • England indie rock /jangle pop /’bockety pop’ trio The Happy Somethings โ€œKind Of Trueโ€ (single)
  • UK shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock band The Blairs “Waave debut single
  • London, UK dream pop /psych /indie-rock project featuring members of TOY and Proper Ornaments, AKA Index For Working Musik “Wagner” from upcoming debut LP “Dragging the Needlework for The Kids at Uphole” on Tough Love
  • Manila, Philippines dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock band Reflections After Jane “When Morning Comes” debut single
  • Seattle-based jangle /power-pop /indie pop trio of former Math and Physics Club members Kevin Emerson and Ethan Jones alongside bassist Jen Fox, AKA Model Shop โ€œLuckyโ€ from the debut vinyl LP โ€œLove Interestโ€ on Meritorio Records
  • Swedish indie-pop four-piece from Gothenburg, Holy Now โ€Hold Me / Know Meโ€ from the new LP โ€Dream of Meโ€ on Lazy Octopus.
  • Indonesian dream pop /jangle /indie pop band Vacant Days “All in All” debut single
  • Chihuahua, Mexico indie /dream pop solo project of Alan Aviles, AKA โ˜†En Mi Menteโ˜† โ€œPactoโ€ from “Impermanente” EP
  • Charlotte, North Carolina indie /dream pop band WOAH – “I don’t want to die when i’m with you” single       
  • Newfoundland-based lo-fi indie /synth-pop duo of Aley Waterman (Galaa) and Scott Sheppard (The Rangers), AKA Bus People “Luck” debut single from Bus People’s 2022 album “Starcade”                                     
  • Michigan-based twee /C86 /indie-pop solo project of London-native Sean Turner aka THE PHOTOCOPIES โ€œYou Used to Tell Me Everything (early version)” from “Versionsโ€ EP
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie rock band VOOM “Magic ft. Fazerdaze” single on Flying Nun Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden surf /kraut /dream pop /shoegaze /electronic musician Mikko Singh, AKA Haleiwa “Hallway Waverider” title track from the sophomore album “Hallway Waverider” on Morr Music
  • London, UK dream pop /shoegaze band WHITELANDS โ€œBorn In Understandingโ€ new single on Sonic Cathedral
  • Montreal, Quebec Shoegaze /Dream-dark pop band Ultramarine “L’heure d’or” from the debut s/t EP
  • Swedish dark wave /post-punk /shoegaze duo PINK MILK โ€River of Glassโ€ new single
  • London, UK genre-bending โ€˜synth-gazeโ€™ duo ZETRA โ€œHopeless Odysseyโ€ single
  • Manchester based four piece dream pop /shoegaze/ indie band Cruush “Sombre By The Weekend” single on Heist or Hit
  • Moscow, Russia dream-pop /indie rock /shoegaze 4-piece TELETAPE โ€œะšะฐะปะตะนะดะพัะบะพะฟโ€ new single.
  • South Australian dream-pop /indie rock /shoegaze guitarist-songwriter and producer Dave Thomas, AKA Hey Calamity โ€œMaking Timeโ€ single
  • Florence, Italy based grunge /shoegaze band led by Brazilian musician Denis Kandle, aka DKANDLE โ€œDissociationโ€ the third single from the last September’s LP “Mondano”
  • South Korean emo /dream pop /shoegaze outfit Syupeo Jenjang โ€œFeel” from the album “Moonlight Anthems”
  • Chicago, Illinois slowcore /indie rock /shoegaze trio Stalled “Front Lawn” from upcoming cassette EP “Contentment” on Candlepin Records
  • San Antonio, TX Noise Rock/Pop shoegaze band HAPPYVOID โ€œSweet Tar” single
  • Texas noise rock /shoegaze band Glare “Sunny” from the 3-way split single “All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare” [Sunday Drive Records]
  • Sidney, Australia Madchester /indie rock /psychedelic /shoegaze 5-piece PEEL โ€œUnder The Sunโ€ single on Third Eye Stimuli Records
  • Alt rock /shoegaze band from Freehold, New Jersey, ALL UNDER HEAVEN โ€œShow Your Pain” from the 3-way split single “All Under Heaven + Leaving Time + Glare” [Sunday Drive Records]                                       
  • Frederick, Maryland surf rock /shoegaze /noise rock 3-piece High Noon Kahuna “Shark Tooth” from the second EP “Killing Spree”
  • Mexico City dream pop /psychedelic /shoegaze band JAUS “Lies” (Single)
  • Indiana lo-fi garage outfit Nick & the Nod – “Solo Griswold” from 7″ EP “den Besten!” on Chicken Shack Records
  • Melbourne, Australian psych garage punk band Ruben Riley “The Windmill” from “Juxtaposition” 7″ EP on Under Heat Records
  • Brisbane, Australia jangly slacker pop /indie rock duo Lucinda Sergiacomi & Daniel Sergiacomi AKA People Mover “NOT” single on Little Lunch Records
  • Emo Dreamy Psychological Rock band from Italy, EUTHYMIA “Smell Of Holy Hill” from “Naches” EP
  • Glasgow, Scotland indie rock four-piece Peplo “Stranger Than Her Bedfellows” single
  • Thessaloniki, Greece post-punk /indie rock /shoegaze project of Jimmy Polioudis (AKA Mazoha), AKA The Vagina Lips “Get Off The Train” from the upcoming LP “Negative Feelings” on Inner Ear
  • Californian indie rock trio The Vacant Shapes “Ghosts of Sunflowers” single
  • Lawrence, KS post-rock /ambient-rock trio led by guitarist-composer Christopher Crisci, AKA The Appleseed Cast “The Summer Before” from the vinyl/cassette reissue of the 2009 album “Sagarmatha” on Graveface Records
  • US experimental vaporwave producer TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL “For What It’s Worth” from the album “Life Through Someone Else’s Headphones” on his own B O G U S // COLLECTIVE
  • Belgian balearic electronic /psych-pop musician and producer, Mozes Mosuse aka Movulango “Other Way” from “Mirror In Man” EP on DEEWEE
  • Hamburg, Germany indie rock /electronic trio das bisschen Totschlag โ€œLG Unlimited ft. Drangsalโ€ off the upcoming EP โ€œSWAMPโ€
  • Berlin based dream pop /dark pop duo Bad Hammer โ€œRiver” from the cassette album “End of an Ageโ€
  • Boston, MA bedroom indie pop duo Little Fuss “A Modern Olympia” single
  • Bergen, Norway indie rock singer-songwriter BO MILLI โ€œFOMOโ€ single
  • Edinburgh, UK indie rock trio Swim School “Kill you” single on LAB Records
  • Amsterdam based dream-pop-indie-psych-folk project of composer-musician-visual artist Tessa Rose Jackson, AKA Someone “Could You Go For Me?” single
  • Bern, Switzerland psych /dream pop /folk band SILVER FIRS โ€œThe Science of Sleep (feat. Justine Salvadori)” single on Oh, Sister Records
  • L.A. based by the way of Montreal, Brussels-bred indie /shoegaze /dream pop singer-songwriter CARINA MESSIER โ€œEveryone’s Gone to the Moonโ€ (Jonathan King cover, 1965) single

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