WL//WH Video Premiere: SOLD ASH Suggests An Eternal Surreal Vision on How to “Avoid”

WL//WH Premiere   Sold Ash   

WL//WH is pleased to Premiere the return of Sold Ash, South Africa’s gripping Experimental Psych /Noise Rocker, Producer, and Engineer Ruan Vos, whose latest dark psychedelic sound escape, “Avoid” is sure to haunt and bewilder with its wayward heady vibes. “Avoid” is the third track off of last August’s debut album, “Howl A Little Louder Just Don’t Spit In My Mouth”, with an accompanying video, written and directed by James Fraser, to take the viewer to an alternate dimension of immersive audio-visual bliss.

Vexed, cursed, meandering moods drive hellish anguished reiterations to penetrate a dark web of blind visions with incoming insight from bleak and dangerous droning frequencies wept in treacherous prowling bass line menace, sharp prickly guitar’s whining obsessions, and unhurried, marching drum beats around soft stoned vocal airs, anxiously shifting, wandering and lingering through depth defying, lacerating stringed effects to invoke a slow burning lysergic psychosis of bewitching, introspective allure.

The gripping cinematic visuals by Will Doug and James Fraser, starring Pierre Durandt & Ruan Vos, manifest a surreal metaphysical realm of subconscious roadblocks, immanent warnings, and shadowy suggestions to haunt the mind’s eye of uncertainty with endless dread. Lost highway footage travels through an alchemy of dream-like cut scenes to capture the nightmarish mental loop of a troubled soul whose current life status mirrors a parallel timeline of impending deathly doom. A wonderfully creative and disturbing metaphor for the psychological struggles and projected fears we all struggle with in this modern dystopic era of dueling, intangible realities.

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