WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – NOVEMBER #47 – 22

Photo by Anya Teixeira

  • Dallas, TX noise pop /dream pop /shoegaze band Audiobaton “From The Outside” single

The Texan Noise-Rockers returns after almost a year with a new single of thoroughly absorbing, reflective, and invigorating fuzzed out shoegaze sound, defined by stretches of ringing distorted guitar flows, slathered with hazy rushes of droning sweeping fuzzy washes, carrying lost, dreamy vocal angst above a staggering undertow of rolling drum beats, to evoke out-of-control anxiety left reeling in indecisive lovelorn airs.

  • 4 piece dream pop /noise rock /shoegaze band based in Dublin, Floorshow “White Noise” 4th single

Dizzy, melancholic, and vibrant 4th single from Dublin‘s Dreamy Shoegazers that sparkles and echoes with intoxicating hypnotic surreal moods through crystalline and piercing ringing guitar tones, underpinned by rounded serpentine basslines and hard-hitting drums, that resonate and float weaving achingly emotional bleeding vibrancy atop woozy and wispy piercing cries to shift fearful perspectives into disfigured universal truths.

  • England shoegaze /dream pop project of Staffordshire-based producer-musician Jamie Duddy, aka DREAMBACK “Better Late” title track from upcoming EP “Better Late”

Atmospheric and introspective new single “Better Late” from the UK musician Jamie Duddy under his Dreamback alias, stirred by humming bass lines, and heart-skipping beats, whilst sparkling nostalgic guitar melodies draw a winding, calm, yet slightly rippling, ocean of radiant ​​reverberations and flickering refractions under angsty, 60s-tinged, dulcet vocal harmonies, shifting time and space into pensive slowed-down moods.

  • Portland, OR ambient /chillwave /shoegaze /folk musical works of filmmaker Spencer Gentz, aka BELL PLAINES “In The Air” single
  • Perth, Australia downtempo /illbient /trip-hop artist Mike Midnight “Smiling In Slow Motion” from the first album “Angel Hours”
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico dream pop /psychedelic pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer (co-head of Living Music Duplication label and part of A Hawk And A Hacksaw with husband and former Neutral Milk Hotel, Jeremy Barnes), Heather Trost “The Devil Never Sleeps” from the album “Desert Flowers” on Ba Da Bing Records
  • Brazilian bedroom lo-fi /shoegaze /indie folk artist Giovana AKA grisa “Pieces” from “Wet Matchbox” EP on midsummer madness
  • Göteborg, Sweden analog dream pop /trip-pop /electronic pop artist Catharina Jaunviksna, AKA Badlands “I Want Blood” from the album “Call to Love”
  • Chicago based noise pop /shoegaze solo bedroom project of Scott Cortez, AKA Astrobite “Streetlight” (LOW cover)
  • Nashville based neo-classical /ambient /post-rock duo of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson AKA Hammock “UnTruth” from the upcoming 9th album “Love in the Void”
  • Los Angeles, CA slowcore indie rock /dream pop duo Ruby Haunt “Pocketknife” from the album “Cures for Opposites”
  • Rotterdam indie-rock /emo-folk band fronted by songwriter & producer Jasper Boogaard, AKA Nagasaki Swim “Eternal” single off the forthcoming “Everything Grows” LP due next year on Coaster Records
  • Bloomington, Indiana indie /folk /psych rock band The Impossible Shapes “A War In Our Mind” from the 9th cassette album “Hemlock”                                                                                                                         
  • Ottawa, Ontario dream pop /jangle /synth-pop duo SKYTONE “Here and Now” from the album “Adrift”
  • British jazz /soul /psych pop multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Olly Toomey, AKA Tutankhamun “Ask Me Again” from upcoming s/t album on Nice Guys
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi surf rock /shoegaze /dream pop band Beach Novels “Undress” single
  • US lo-fi bedroom pop solo project of Carter Vandiver AKA Winslow House “Cinnamon” from the second LP “Jesse 1997” tape via chord organ tapes
  • Albany, NY indie/dream pop duo Laveda “F***” single
  • Perth, Australia dream pop /garage /psych-pop band HYLA “The Brats Are Taking Over” single
  • Brooklyn, NY ambient dream pop collective led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez, CIGARETTES AFTER SEX “Pistol” single on Partisan Records
  • Jangle Indie Rock 5-piece band formed on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja (Fremantle, WA), Spice World “Useless Feeling” from “There’s No I In Spice World” album via Tenth Court (Australia / Rest of World) & Meritorio Records (Europe / North America)
  • L.A.-based noise pop/dream pop /shoegaze band Soft Blue Shimmer “Cloudless” from the LP “Love Lives in the Body” on Other People Records
  • Oslo, Norway garage /indie-rock teen 4-piece VEPS “Mooney Tunes” from “Oslo Park” album on Kanine Records.
  • Japanese dream pop /indie rock 4-piece from Tokyo, I Saw You Yesterday “No One Else” single                          
  • London/Cheltenham, UK four-piece mod /jangle /garage rock band, The Lunar Towers “Plastic Glass Towers” from “Hurry Up And Wait” EP
  • Swansea, UK C86 /punk /indie-pop quartet of former Pooh Sticks Amelia Fletcher (ex Talulah Gosh, Heavenly) and Hue Williams along with Rob Pursey (ex-Heavenly) and Ian Button, Swansea Sound “Music Lover” from upcoming Christmas 3-track CD “MUSIC LOVER” EP
  • Olympia, Wa jangly indie pop solo project of former Math and Physics Club‘s Charles Bert, AKA Field School “Loving Me Was Never Gonna Work Out” from the debut LP “When Summer Comes” on Bobo Integral
  • Indonesian jangly /alternative rock /indie pop band from Bali, Sourmilk “Sick Girl” debut single
  • Southeast Ohio lo-fi /jangle /indie pop brothers Evan and Quinn Seurkamp, AKA The Laughing Chimes “Airplane Underwater” from “Zoo Avenue” EP on Slumberland Records
  • Bay Area psych pop trio Children Maybe Later “27 Club” from the vinyl album “What A Flash Kick !” LP on Sloth Mate Productions
  • Hamburg-based German sInger-songwriter-jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-baroque-pop-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio-Project AKA theCatherines “But Sundays Are The Best” single from the upcoming 2023 album “Wanna meet our neighbours?”
  • UK dream pop /dreamgaze /indie rock band Large Men “Jenna” from the s/t album produced by Sunspire (Jack Jazrawy-Brown) on Crafting Room Recordings
  • Vancouver based dream pop /indie rock artist Echo Frame – “Why Don’t You Come Right Here” single on Nice Guys
  • L.A. based indie rock /psych /folk foursome Goon “Flower Bell” from “Red Ladder” EP (unreleased B-sides, alternate versions and demos)
  • Austin, TX bedroom /indie folk-pop project of Shirley Zhu, AKA fuvk “Postcard” from the cassette EP “Goodnight, Moon” on Z Tapes
  • Singapore‘s noise /dream /indie pop five-piece SUBSONIC EYE “Please Remember” from “Melt The Wax” EP on Topshelf Records
  • Gothenburg, Sweden psych pop /indie rock duo Billy Cervin (ex side effects) and Oskar Nylen (ex The Indigo Children), Silver Springs “Make Me Stay” debut single on Lazy Octopus Records
  • Münster, Germany bedroom /dream-pop /indie-pop band led by one half of Nah, Sebastian Voss, aka The Fisherman and his Soul “Spark on Boxing Day (feat. Ed Ling) (Remix)” Christmas song (originally from 2019) as part of the forthcoming compilation “Bravado!” via Subjangle.
  • Auckland, New Zealand electronic /kosmische /psych pop trio James Milne (Lawrence Arabia, Chabs & Milky), Yolanda Fagan (Na Noise, Echo Ohs, Bozo), and Julien Dyne (Avantdale Bowling Club), AKA Half Hexagon “Modern Life” from the debut “Half Hexagon” EP 10″
  • Swedish indie rock duo of twin sisters Inez and Ella from Malmö, 7ebra “I Have a Lot to Say” from the 7″ single “I Have a Lot to Say / If I Ask Her” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Munich, Germany indie /dream pop solo project Phantom Youth “Stay And Run” from “Stay And Run” EP on Spirit Goth Records.
  • Santiago, Chile shoegaze /dream pop solo project of Francisco Undurraga, aka No Invierno “Sobrepensar” single from the new EP ”Figuras & Colores”
  • Mexico City shoegaze /indie rock /dream pop band, otønmo “Cruel” debut single
  • London, UK beat-driven dream pop /shoegaze band, Sunnbrella “A Week Or So” single
  • Vienna psych-pop group Blasser Kyren “Daily Hour” new single on Numavi Records
  • Bogotá, Colombian post-punk /dream pop /indie rock band, Münchhausen “Undisclosed Words” new single
  • Tokyo-based alt /post-rock /shoegaze quartet LUNE (リューネ) “We fake our sleep” from the debut LP “What have we become” on Dreamwaves Records
  • Porto, Portugal experimental shoegaze /post-rock /psychedelic rock band Summer of Hate “Here We Are” from the debut album “Love Is Dead! Long Live Love”
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota dream pop /shoegaze /indie rock /dreamgaze duo of Dan Ballek (ex-Mr K’s Dream) and Paul Lopez (The Shoegaze Collective, Sana Obruent and Spell 336), ANGEL FALLS “All Fall Down” new single
  • San José, Costa Rica shoegaze /noise pop 4-piece Dylan Thomas. “Lentitud” debut single
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota ambient /shoegaze /post-rock trio Driftless “Renew” single from the upcoming EP “Perfect Blue”
  • France-based dream pop /shoegaze collaborative music project started by British musician Andrew Rose in 1984, Callière “Golden (The Churchhill Garden Remix)” from the remix album “Barcelona :: The Remixes”
  • Russian shoegaze /dream pop band from Moscow, Life on Venus “Домой” single.
  • London-based Noise Rock /Dream Pop /Shoegaze 4-piece Velveteen “Just Like Autumn” from the debut album “Empty Crush” on shelflife records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark prog /jangle /shoegaze /psych rock 4-piece Collider “Figuring” from the EP “Excessively Worthwhile” on Escho
  • Polish dark shoegaze /post-rock from Wroclaw, GIVE UP TO FAILURE “The Husk” single
  • New York Grunge /Shoegaze 5-piece Velvet “Rosalyn” from the 2-track single “Memories”
  • Boston, MA emo /noise rock /shoegaze band HEAVY SLEEPER “Sideways” single
  • Portland, OR-based Dream Pop /Shoegaze band Helens “Bounce” from the debut album “Somewhere In Nowhere” on Bud Tapes
  • Austin, TX alt /shoegaze /indie rock band (members of Magnet School, Honeyrude, and Schatzi), Startographers “Brick Balloon” from the debut LP “Static Calls” on Shifting Sounds
  • Toronto, Ontario synth /shoegaze /psychedelic rock solo project, Golden Drag “Build My Gallows High” from the EP “PROMENADE”
  • UK fuzzy /noise /shoegaze /dream pop duo The Sorry Kisses “Outer Space” from the 6th LP “Hang From a Star”
  • Vancouver female-fronted alt-rock /dream pop /shoegaze project by guitarist-vocalist Kaylie Russell, AKA Fountain Bather “Higher Than Thou” title track from the EP “Higher Than Thou”
  • Melbourne based indie rock /garage punk solo project (drummer of Disco Junk and Expo member), Ruben Riley “Head Cleaner” off the “Juxtaposition” EP 12″ on Under Heat Records
  • Manchester, UK grunge /indie /noise-rock duo The Empty Page “Dry Ice” single
  • New York based Norwegian shoegaze /noise rock /bubble punk band LAZY QUEEN ‘Option to Nothing’ new single via Icons Creating Evil Art
  • US rock’n’roll /Americana /doo-wop /psych /surf /garage rock act Chapel Ghosts – “Swirling” single
  • Los Angeles garage rock /psych pop quartet, Death Valley Girls “What Are the Odds” from the upcoming LP “Islands in the Sky” on Suicide Squeeze Records
  • Buffalo, NY rock’n’roll /garage punk band fronted by Allison Mitchell, Velvet Bethany “Outer Limits” single
  • London-based, Yorkshire‘s indie rock /post-punk outfit DEADLETTER – “The Kingdom” from the debut vinyl 12″ “Heat!” EP
  • French fuzzy psych garage rock power trio WEIRD OMEN “Problem In Ur Brain” from the single “Problem In Ur Brain / My Time” on LE CEPE RECORDS
  • Oakland‘s shoegaze /dream pop artist (formerly of Trails and Ways) Hannah van Loon, aka Tanukichan “Don’t Give Up” single from the upcoming “GIZMO” LP on Company Records.
  • South-West London based alt /indie trio Slaney Bay “I Could Love You Better” from the EP “A Life Worth Living”
  • Canadian experimental /dream pop duo (formerly known as Cult Classic) from Montreal, BODYWASH “Kind of Light” new single
  • Philly based 60s/70s inspired pop singer/songwriter Cliff Hillis “Good Morning and Goodnight” (co-written with Kelley Ryan) single
  • Toronto, Ontario instrumental psych surf rock 4-piece The Surfrajettes “Marshmallow March” from “Marshmallow March / All I Want For Christmas Is You” on Hi-Tide Recordings
  • Californian folk /surf /cosmic /psych rock band led by former Beachwood Sparks e All Night Radio member and Cass McCombs, Kurt Vile collaborator Farmer Dave Scher, AKA Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West (FDWOW) “Every Road You Travel” from the second album “Second Summer” on Curation Records
  • New York based indie folk singer-songwriter Pearla “With” from the upcoming LP “Oh Glistening Onion, The Nighttime Is Coming” on Spacebomb Records

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