WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – OCTOBER #44-22

Katya Berestova photography

  • Monstera Occulta & XOGN // @ Kiosk Radio (12.10.2022)                                                                                   

Brussels-based DJ-selector /party organizer /record dealer XOGN teams up with partner in music crime Monstera Occulta to deliver a 2-hour long 100% vinyl mix replete with Post-Punk, Dark Wave and, why not, Black Metal. Enjoy!

  • Pomona, CA industrial rock /shoegaze /death rock /dark wave /post-punk band Jaqobin “Poison Ghost” second single

Californian genre-defying project once again manages to surprise with a harsh and jarring second single drenched in a whirlwind of introspective flowing emotions, lead by hypnotic drum beats along with thick punchy bass lines, this time in the background, throbbing steadily below a compulsive and seething swarm of grinding guitar distortion, permeated with restrained wailing painful energy, on which dramatic, arrogant, hateful vocal confessions, cry desperate retribution toward oneself, whilst lost, alone, and afraid.

  • US coldwave /darkwave /postpunk project of Brad Jeffrey (former Nightbreed and Lovers Revenge) ___SpellxCaster___ “Forbidden Angel” single                                                                                                            

Slightly reminds me of 80s French coldwavers Opera Multi Steel, “Forbidden Angel” is a broody and romantic Darkwave ballad stirred by atmospheric vocal passions, layered by baroque organ-like keyboard resonant high-pitched flourishes, somberly evocative acoustic arpeggios, pierced by heart-wrenching leads over hypnotic drum machine snares, and buzzing rippling low ends, to stoke lovelorn obsessions and dark secret desires from a lost soul’s secret confession.

  • Sheffield, UK ‘Cinedramatic Synthpop’ duo PROMENADE CINEMA “Spellbound” new single

Cinedramatic Synth duo craft lush and elegant Darkwave turned into a decadent, pulsating, and lavish aural matter, rife with a deep emotive heap, plagued by intoxicating chilly swirls of glittering haunted synth melodies, resonating lonesome in an immanent, blinding melancholy, over a relentless palpitating bed of buzzing undulating low ends and marching hypnotic beats, surrounding hopeless emotional vocals, casting a piercing spell of revenge with eternal sorrow.

  • Billerica, MA ethereal /cinematic /neo-classical band Autumn Tears – “As If We Were Never There” from the upcoming 2xCD album “Guardian of the Pale” on The Circle Music
  • Los Angeles darkwave /synthwave /new wave band FEVR “Is It Life?” single
  • Hamilton, UK-based darkwave project of Lea Torn, AKA The Secret Experiment “Orion” from the “Wreckage” EP
  • Paris-based industrial /electronic /noise rock /post-punk solo project of New Yorker Charles Rowell (Crocodiles, Flowers of Evil, Issue…), AKA Crush of Souls “Walk Through Fire” from the album “Spellwound” on Third Coming Records
  • New York‘s coldwave /post-punk band BLACKLIST “Lovers In Mourning” from the new album “Afterworld” on Profound Lore Records.
  • UK goth /post-punk /dark wave duo Greg Mackintosh and Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost, aka HOST “Tomorrow’s Sky” first single from their upcoming album “IX”, out February 24th, via Nuclear Blast Records                
  • Washington D.C. darkwave gothic rock band The Neuro Farm “New Dawn Fades” (Joy Division cover)
  • Norfolk, Virginia dream pop /post-punk /goth /synthpop band TRUE BODY “Jade Green” single from the upcoming EP “Temple Of Song”
  • Chicago, IL goth /shoegaze /psych /deathrock /post-punk 4-piece band Feral Ghosts “Luzian” from the new album “Black Sun”
  • Canadian drone /noise rock /goth post-punk twin sister duo Emmalia & Sarafina Bortolon-Vettor, AKA Bonnie Trash “Lashes on Fire” from the “Malocchio” album on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Portuguese Goth /Post-Punk /Darkwave solo project of producer and musician David Wolf (She Pleasures Herself), When The Roses Die “My Heart Dies” off upcoming album debut “Love Until Death”
  • Los Angeles dark post-punk trio Deceits “Guiding Light” single
  • Poznań, Poland lo-fi Post-punk solo project of Rutka Uljanowa, AKA самокритика “назавжди” from the album “вогнепальна рана”
  • Los Angeles goth /post-punk /deathrock band Christ vs. Warhol “A Drop in the Ocean” (Demo) new single
  • Paris anarcho-punk /cold wave /synth post-punk band PLOMB “Bright life” title track from the EP “Bright life”
  • Moscow-based experimental post-punk /darkwave duo Сад [sad band] “Город” from the EP “Это не пройдёт, пока весь мир не погрузится в хаос”
  • Los Angeles new wave /post-punk band Total Pleasure “Outside” from the first S/T Demo EP
  • Indie darkwave /new wave /post-punk band led by AmericanPeruvian artist Luis Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida, AKA Joao “All my dead friends (Nobody will remember)” off 2-track single “All my dead friends”
  • Norwegian garage /post-punk band Furious Fossils “Cult Of The Dead” single                                                                                                     
  • Brighton/Cork/Worthing darkwave /gothic rock /postpunk trio st///ll “Darkened Eyes” debut single
  • Monterrey, Mexico minimal post-punk solo project (Fka Qgeko), The King Died Young “Sombras Cazadoras ft. Mausoleo Carve” single
  • New Zealand four-piece Post-punk band from Auckland, Soft Bait “Legs” from the album “Plot Points”
  • Pittsburgh synthwave /post-punk solo project Noirxheart “Cursed Be The Night Wherein I Was Born” single
  • Italian folk /darkwave /gothic rock power trio from Padua, The Sade “End of Time” from the album “Nocturna”
  • Philadelphia, PN goth rock /post-punk project of Fredrick Dotchel, aka TRAGIC AGE “Dead Days” single
  • US gothic rock project of Renzo Tellez, aka THE RED MOON MACABRE “HALLOWS’ EVE MIX”
  • Lisbon coldwave /darkwave /dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, AKA Liquid Land “Empty Faces” new single
  • Warsaw, Poland goth /coldwave /darkwave /new wave solo project Ekko the Strange “Głęboki” from the album “Mystique”
  • São José Dos Campos‎, Brazil post-punk /darkwave solo project Gótia – “Até Que A Morte Nos Separe” title track of the new EP “Até Que A Morte Nos Separe”
  • Austin, TX ethereal shoegaze /dark post-punk / ‘Nightmare Pop’ solo project Pale Dīan “Misanthrope” from the album “Feral Birth”
  • L.A.-based goth /new wave /post-punk /dark synth-pop /darkwave one-man band, Mortal Boy “First In Line To The Ghoul Ghoul Party” new single
  • Belfast based Dark Electro project created by Rod Hanna (October Burns Black) & Marc McCourt (Snakedance), Psychodrama “Revolution” from the debut s/t EP
  • Bogotà, Colombia darkwave /synthpop /coldwave duo ANTIFLVX “Hacia La Niebla (Feat. Viv)” new single from the upcoming new album on skyQode
  • Knoxville, TN Post-Punk / Dark Wave band Attic Eyes “Revenge” (Ministry cover)
  • L.A. darkwave /techno /electro /EBM solo project of Josh McVety, AKA Mellow Code “Bestraft für Leben” single on Hush Ltd.
  • Washington, DC industrial /electronic /dark alternative rock act AMULET “Last Ditch (Stabbing Westward Remix)” from the album “Perfect Fusion – The Remixes” on Distortion Productions
  • Collaboration between L.A. multi-disciplinary experimental industrial electro producer and composer Colin Cameron Allrich, and Kansas City‘s witch-wave-producer artist Tara Saavedra, AKA Slighter x Morgue VVitch “Cold Black Waters” single on Slighter’s label Confusion Inc.
  • German electro-industrial darkwave band IN STRICT CONFIDENCE “Tiefer” single
  • French electro-romantic project featuring Richard Abdeni (Les Anges de La Nuit) and Marilyne B., aka Après la nuit “Take A Vow” from “The Halloween” EP on Echozone
  • Berlin based art-house avant-garde darkwave music, art and sound collective, Zen Khaos “Beloved” from the mini-album “EOSTRAE”
  • Cologne, Germany new wave /post-punk /synth-pop band started in 1988 by former Pink turns blue guitarist and singer Thomas Elbern, AKA Escape with Romeo “Outside from your parties (2022 Version)” from the album “Based on a true story- Best of Escape with Romeo – 2022 Versions”
  • Early 2000s DallasFort Worth, Texas-based indie rock/synth pop /post-punk band Black Tie Dynasty “Beginner” single                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Sweden metal /goth rock band Die Oberherren “The Horned One Stabs” from the upcoming LP “Die by My Hand” on Svart Records
  • Brighton, UK based multi-cultural noise /psych /post-punk 4-piece ĠENN “Rohmeresse” single
  • Shirdi, India based psychedelic ‘cloakwave’ project The Ninth Heaven “She’s Like the Rain” title track from the EP “She’s Like the Rain”
  • Swedish synth wave /synth-pop musician from Ljungby, The Ironic Sweden “Icu-Original version” from “Icu” maxi-single
  • Argentina post-punk /darkwave /coldwave project of [S] (of Kazeria), AKA Zudpöl “Karelia” single on No Me Escucho Records
  • Vancouver, BC solo minimal synth artist Robert Katerwol (Weird Candle, Wire Spine), AKA Total Chroma “Northern Lights” second single from Total Chroma’s upcoming full-length album “L A P L A N D”
  • London, UK cold minimal wave/ analogue synth DIY solo project This Is The Bridge “Black Cat” title track from the new album “Black Cat”
  • Dark Wave /Coldwave /Synth project from Poland, Żywica – “Autosabotage” single
  • Brussels EBM /post-punk /coldwave /dark electro duo Sam Hugé & Gaelle Souflet, aka ULTRA SUNN – “Can You Believe It” off the EP “Kill Your Idols” out soon on Fleisch
  • L.A. new wave /synthpop duo Sacred Skin “Killer’s Mind” single
  • Berlin based experimental post-punk solo project Güner Künier “Excellent Choices” from the upcoming “Aşk” LP on Mommys Mistakes.
  • Melbourne punk-funk /dance post-punk / “heat beat” icons NO ZU “Liquid Love” from the upcoming “Heat Beat” EP on Chapter Music
  • Hamburg-based dream pop /synthpop band KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA “When The Storm Comes (feat. Ruth Radelet & Adam Miller)” from the upcoming album “Oceanflower”
  • Munich, Germany Disco /Krautrock /NDW /Electro-pop duo WILDES “Konsum” single
  • London, UK art rock /synthpop /post-punk /art-pop artist Oliver Marson “Andalusian Girl” single                       
  • Madrid, Spain experimental /post-punk /kraut-pop duo Cristina Arroyo and JC Peña AKA Pandan-Lagl “El resto de Europa” from the new “Tréveris” EP
  • Austin, TX shoegazing /post-punk outfit UVB-76 “Burial” from the third album “Unfolded”
  • London based Welsh jangle /folk rock /post-punk 4-piece (former members of Joanna Gruesome), The Tubs “Sniveller” off full-length debut album “Dead Meat” due early the next year on Trouble In Mind
  • North Australia based experimental electro-pop duo Saar Amptmeijer from Utrecht and Jez Conlon from Adelaide, AKA Cloud Sequence “Roest” from upcoming EP “Strange Whispers, Of Water And Exit”
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “No crime” from the album “Fraud, fiction and lost direction”                                                                                                 

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