WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – OCTOBER #42 – 22

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  • Austin, TX dream pop /shoegaze trio Allwax “Deer and Hunter” new single

Austin-based trio Allwax‘s 4th single tinkers with a twinkling and glowing mercurial dream-pop reverie, subtly haunted by hazy early 4AD echoes, over an unsettled surreal carpet of dripping xylophonic chimes, bleak meandering warbling basslines, and glistening guitar swirls, to resonate with lilting entrancing melancholy over light airy vocal layers, dreaming, shivering, and falling into lovelorn warnings of fear and deception.

  • Los Angeles indie rock /jangle /dream pop duo of twins Alex & Kevin Liu, AKA  Sakkaris “Julia” single on BIRTHDIY

The second single in a row from the late 80s/early 90s inspired bedroom pop twin duo continues in their pretty intriguing bent of a vaguely lo-fi, jangle-tinged emotional indie-rock, sprinkled with shoegazing reverb and a tiny bit of noise, through slightly fuzzy shimmering distorted guitar riffs, steady sprightly rhythms, and subdued wistful vocal harmonies that will seemingly transport us under a hazy nostalgic California sunset.

  • Turin, Italy power-pop /jangle /indie guitar rock band (FKA Smile), The Wends “Worthy of Nothing” the first single from the debut album “It’s Here Where You Fall” upcoming on We Were Never Being Boring Collective and Subjangle

New name, a fresh start and a heightened sense of urgency, the Turin-based early R.E.M. flecked, jangly power-poppers deliver their most straight-up electrifying rock moment to date, showing once again impassionate and vibrant songwriting wrapped in captivating pop sensibilities. The instruments rumble, judder and linger along with relentless magnetic energy, incessant drums pound and crash in, taut basslines shudder, whilst a roaming guitar unleashes sparkling shards of pent-up heartfelt emotions and frustrations over rugged restless vocals dropping modern-day angst.

  • Aarhus, Denmark Glitch Pop duo Between Mermaids And Me “somethingaboutyousomethingaboutme” from the upcoming EP/Mini-Album “Reality Cravings” via hfn music
  • Montreal, Québec indie pop /Balearic /electro-pop duo of Stars Torquil Campbell and Young Galaxy‘s Stephen Ramsay, aka TFD “Him” single
  • Copenhagen, Denmark electronic /breakbeat /dream pop /indie rock artist (part of label and collective Vi Kan Flyve), Hvor Er Skygge “Elli” single
  • Le Mans, France indie /wave /electropop outfit, Day Of Nova “Between us” first single off the new sophomore EP “Confused”
  • France/UK/US dream pop/shoegaze collaboration, Callière & Tears Run Rings “Earthrising”
  • Portland, OR post-rock /shoegaze solo project OVERLY “Fall” second single
  • Bristol, UK synth-pop /dream pop band Pocket Sun – “Wake Up” single | Kitsuné Musique
  • Québec City, Canadian electronic dream pop band, Men I Trust ”Girl” single
  • Swedish lo-fi fuzzy indie pop band Robert Church & The Holy Community “It’s Gone” single
  • Australian folk /fuzzy psych-pop project of Nice Biscuit co-front woman Grace Cuell, AKA Baby Cool “The Sea” from the upcoming album “Earthling On The Road To Self Love” on Bad Vibrations Records and The Reverberation Appreciation Society
  • British indie rock /dream folk singer-songwriter Eve Owen “Bluebird (Live in Belfast” from “Live in Belfast” EP on 37d03d
  • Swedish ethereal /synth-pop /dream pop artist Merely “Sculpture” single on YEAR0001
  • North American ambient /synth /dream pop singer-songwriter and guitarist born and raised in Southeast Asia, Alexia Avina “Varying Fantasy” from “Crush” EP
  • Montreal’s ethereal dream pop solo project of Rosie Long Decter (one half of Bodywash), AKA Una Rose “Resolutions” single off the upcoming debut LP “Myth Between”
  • New York dream pop project of Maia Friedman (of Dirty Projectors, Uni Ika Ai), Dan Molad (of Lucius, Chimney), and Oliver Hill (of Pavo Pavo, Dustrider), COCO “Omen” single
  • Tokyo, Japan indie /cosmic pop /psych-pop solo project of Shinya Nakashima AKA Yumenoma / ユメノマ “Mugen” single on 15min records
  • Brooklyn/London dream /psych /soft indie pop duo Fetch Tiger “She Was Mine” single on Nice Guys
  • South Korean mermaid-pop band based in Seoul, Eunhadan “Albino” single
  • Swinomish, WA-based dream pop multi-instrumentalist Katherine Paul, AKA Black Belt Eagle Scout “Don’t Give Up” new single on Saddle Creek
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream pop /indie rock 4-piece Lunar Vacation “Mold – Demo” from the cassette album “Fig Demos” (demos of last year’s debut LP) on Ocean Wagon Collective
  • Providence, Rhode Island jangly indie twee pop band Strawberry Generation – “Veil (Demo)” from V/A “Let’s Save Topshelf Records Compilation” fundraising digital collection via United Cassettes x Z Tapes x start-track.com
  • Washington, D.C. indie rock /synthpop /dream pop duo GLOSSER “Disco Girls” first single from the January 2023 debut LP “Downer”
  • Berlin based dream pop /dark pop duo Bad Hammer “Call Me” single
  • Orlando, FL indie /dream pop duo SALES “July” new single
  • Munich, Germany indie /dream-pop /synthpop band Clear Coast “All I Ever Was” single
  • London, UK based DIY bedroom pop music project by Natasha Simões, AKA Maripool ‘This Time Again’ from It All Comes At Once’ debut EP via Practise Music.
  • Los Angeles based indie rock /synthpop band Happy Hollows “Summer Is Over” single
  • Swedish indie-pop four-piece from Gothenburg, Holy Now ”Dream of Me” title track from the new LP ”Dream of Me” on Lazy Octopus.
  • US/Australia based shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock project of Korean/Japanese musician Yoodoo Park, aka GRMLN “Beauty” single on Spirit Goth
  • Depok, Indonesia indie pop band led by Razif Mudarsyah Haragi, aka THE SWEETEST TOUCH “Perfect Sky” title track from the new EP “Perfect Sky” on Guerrilla Records
  • San Francisco twee /shoegaze /indie pop /bedroom pop project of Lavender Blush‘s Ryan Lescure, AKA Devoted Fans “When You Tell Me That You Love Me” single
  • ’90s Melbourne based indie-pop group, The Cat’s Miaow “Third Floor Fire Escape View” (1993) off the album “Third Floor Fire Escape View” (bonus 7″ available with the deluxe edition of the ‘Songs -94-’98’ compilation released by World of Echo in 2022)
  • England dream pop /kraut /drone gaze project of Mick Harrison (one time bass player in schizoid hypno band Prolapse), National Screen Service “Safe Dunes” from the new album “A New Kind of Summer”
  • Seattle-based jangle /power-pop /indie pop trio of former Math and Physics Club members Kevin Emerson and Ethan Jones alongside bassist Jen Fox, AKA Model Shop “Compilation Tape” second single from the upcoming debut vinyl LP “Love Interest” on Meritorio Records
  • Mid-80s formed Richmond, Virginia post-punk /jangle rock/pop band The Silent Boys “Christine” from the upcoming album “Sand to Pearls, Coal to Diamonds” on Too Good To Be True
  • UK industrialized indie-pop married couple Tim Vass (Razorcuts, Red Chair Fadeaway) and Vanessa Vass (The Melons), AKA Silver Biplanes – “Songs That Don’t Exist” off the forthcoming debut album on London based WIAIWYA label
  • Southern California‘s Sarah Records affiliated 90s indie-pop band made of core duo Beth Arzy and John Girgus, ABERDEEN “Byron (Vocal Up)” from “Byron (Expanded Edition)” album (the complete mixes from the recording sessions for “Byron” Sarah 093, EP 1994)
  • Indonesian indie /dream pop band Sillas “Kaqotun” off of “Kaqotun” EP on Anoa Records
  • Oakland, CA indie pop /twee /power pop 4-piece Blues Lawyer “I Don’t Mind” single
  • Melbourne based ambient /dream pop /shoegaze band led by Thomas Lee, AKA Oceans “High (Tears Run Rings Remix)” single
  • Los Angeles, CA bedroom dreamgaze band led by Christopher Leopold, AKA Human Barbie “Empty” from the EP “No worries”
  • Greek/Australian electronic /dream-pop duo of RΠЯ and Jessica Bell team up with fellow Athenian shoegazers, Keep Shelly in Athens “I Don’t Want Your Romance (Feat. Sugar For The Pill)” single
  • Scotland/New Zealand indie /shoegaze band SugarCandy Mountain “Forget Me Not” from the new EP “Overtime”
  • San Francisco based indie rock /psych /dream pop /shoegaze project Cold Morning Colors “Consequences” single
  • Melbourne-based shoegaze /dream pop band Dream Room “Endless Sea” single
  • Japanese indie /shoegaze 5-piece STOMP TALK MODSTONE “Baby Sky” single
  • Wellington, New Zealand post-rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project from the mind of Sam Leamy, AKA Dreamfuzz “The Nether” from the debut s/t EP
  • Tokyo, Japan indie rock /shoegaze outfit The Prisms “From the world of greed” off the debut “Icecream” EP
  • Boston, MA indie rock /slowgaze band Husbands “Hanging Halo” from the upcoming 4th album “A Diary Index” tape on exit
  • Seattle, WA power pop /dream pop /shoegaze 4-piece GUEST DIRECTORS “Hidden Silos” from the upcoming EP “Oh, To Be Weightless in the Sky”
  • Belfast based dream pop /shoegaze band Virgins “Transmit A Little Heaven” title track from the debut vinyl 12″ EP “Transmit A Little Heaven” on Blowtorch Records
  • San Antonio, TX noise-pop /dream pop /shoegaze 5-piece FAWN “Down” debut single
  • Philadelphia 5-piece blackgaze /grunge /shoegaze band Varlots “Nuchal” single
  • Pandeglang, BantenIndonesia grunge /noise rock /shoegaze band  F E E Z E “Give Me Flowers” from 2-track CD single “Nice, Try To Wake Up”
  • Brooklyn, NY psychedelic rock quintet GIFT “Gumball Garden” off the debut album “Momentary Presence” upcoming on DeStrange
  • Los Angeles based indie rock sister duo Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, AKA Bleached “Flip It” single
  • Los Angeles jangle indie rock trio Raised on TV “Around the Sun” title track from the new EP on Sell the Heart Records
  • Jacksonville, Florida indie rock duo Audio Explorations “Nine Down One to Go” from the Fort Lowell Records‘ vinyl edition of the band’s second LP “ActionReaction (20th Anniversary)” originally released on CD by Eskimo Kiss Records in 2002
  • Russian shoegaze /post-punk /indie rock solo project Всеволод Хоменко – “Последняя песня” single                 
  • Aarhus, Denmark indie pop 3-piece band Sauna Senere “Kødsovs” single                                                                      
  • Oslo, Norway dream pop /indie rock duo TAPE TRASH “Not Going Home” single                                                    
  • East Yorkshire, UK indie rock 5-piece PRIESTGATE “Some Things Never Change” new single on Lucky Number
  • Brooklyn, NY dopegaze /noise rock /punk 4-piece Weeping Icon “Pigs, Shit & Trash” from “Ocelli” EP upcoming on Fire Talk
  • Arizona based garage rock project of Yorkshire native and Emotional Response label co-founder Stewart Anderson (of Boyracer), AKA Tricia Yates Fanclub – “Out Of My Mind (Over You)” from V/A “Pop! Fuzz! Junk! Rumble! Try Some To See” CD compilation only sold with ISSUE 4 of Raving Pop Blast! Magazine
  • New York cosmic country /psych-folk guitar project Seawind of Battery “Clockwatching” from the cassette album “Live: September 2022”
  • US rock’n’roll /Americana /doo-wop /psych /surf /garage rock act Chapel Ghosts – “Girl Grab Your Gun” from the debut album “Dementia Americana” EP
  • Swedish ethereal /dream pop /dark pop artist STAINWASHER “See Thee” from the new album “The Outer Layer”
  • San Francisco based former Espers, folk singer/multi-instrumentalist Meg Baird “Will You Follow Me Home?” from the upcoming LP “Furling” on Drag City
  • Netherlands dark ethereal project of musician, composer and singer (member of Lethian Dreams & Remembrance) Carline Van Roos, AKA Aythis “To Autumn” (inspired by John Keats‘ poem) from the EP “Samhain”
  • Monsanto, Alabama post-apocalyptic folk/soul singer-songwriter Levi Hunter “Lilting” single
  • Turkish lo-fi folk, dreampop, ambient, electronica female artist (one half of Proudpilot) from Istanbul, Ekin Üzeltüzenci AKA Ekin Fil “Farba” from the album “Dora Agora” on helen scarsdale
  • Norwegian Cinematic /Jazz /Krautrock /Soundtrack /Neo-Classical /Instrumental music composer and multi-instrumentalist Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen, aka Rural Tapes “Arkestra piece for hard-working ants” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Inner space music”
  • Manchester, UK ambient /drone /folk guitar solo project Black Brunswicker “To Where Our Curiosity Goes” from the album “Under an Autumnal Sky”
  • Brisbane based ambient /dark wave /slowcore /dark jazz solo, collaborative, instrumental project of composer-producer James Lees, AKA Ghostwoods “Terminal Bliss” (Single Edit) on 4000 Records

Giuseppe Cavalli. Desire for Immensity, 1954

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