WL//WH Track Of The Day: GRIEVING STATES “The Cycle”

Track Of The Day  Grieving States

Enigmatic new solo project based in Manchester, UK, Grieving States, makes his debut with an evocative combination of enveloping haunting Darkwave, old-school hard hitting Industrial rhythmic patterns, heavy foreboding low ends, spooky and alienating Witch House synths motifs over creepy distorted vocals descending into a hell realm of agony and metaphysical terror.

“The Cycle”, lyric-wise, cycle rotates into the end of an apocalyptic era where horror, shame, and defeat inoculate a devastated soul with hopeless intentions.

Chilly, ghoulish synth keys and taut cymbals stir up thumping hypnotic beats, punchy kicks along with sinister murky droning basslines undulating in thick sheets of wrenched grimy darkness, lit by rippling wails of flashing desperation, whilst malevolent, throaty vocals scream restrained agony into a burning demolition of plagued passion.

Wicked first foray for being just a demo.

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