WL//WH Track Of The Day: PARKING DANCE “Down the Road”

Track Of The Day Parking Dance

Parking Dance, the ‘spiral Post-punk sound’ solo project by French musician Matthieu Bonnécuelle based in Toulouse, has announced the release of his third full-length album “Gloom Parasite” on September 1, 2022 through Icy Cold Records.

“Gloom Parasite” is a reflective album on contemporary existence and identity, painted in a cold and grungy post-adolescent fashion.

The shadowy, turbulent and heart-rending first preview “Down the Road, disfigured in a claustrophobic tension, daubs and drowns the lingering, mostly Cure-sque, ’80s Post-punk inflexions in glistening harrowing currents of roughly distorted guitar textures, nervously carved by a seething and swarming array of hypnotic retro muffled, tinny and tight percussions, along with foreboding droning, swelling low ends and ominous stark distant blows, to mercilessly afflict frustrated and forlorn vocals, dispatching angry sorrow into dramatic sways of chaotic emotions.

Apologetic lyrics hang in a realm of uncertainty and sadness where reality is hard to determine and catharsis takes longer than expected.

Parking Dance‘s upcoming third LP, “Gloom Parasite”, is slated for release, on CD and Digital formats, on September 1, 2022, via Icy Cold Records.

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