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Video Of The Day  WIND MILE

A welcome return, after a long hiatus, for the ‘clockwork music’ project led by the now Berlin denizen, Caen-native, musician, singer and composer Antonin Côme AKA Wind Mile, who through only a demo and a debut single, over the two-year period 201718, delivered glimpses of a remarkable elegant, atmospheric and lyrical songwriting, drawn from the hazy nostalgic and melancholic 80s British New Wave /Indie-Pop, built on hypnotic percussions, airy electronic veils, hearty bass pulses, melodious emotive guitar radiance and blurry vocalizations, equally ecstatic and bittersweet as it is delicate and vibrant.

The Normandy’s artist drops a heady DIY video for the up-lifting dreamy new single “One”, the first preview from a forthcoming first EP.

‘One’ is a comfort to all those who follow parallel paths in their lives, several passions or occupations at the same time, which are not necessarily connected. Your life is already there, and it is rich.

Warped, fluid, billowing textures kneed soft warm synth swathes, crystalline, poignant guitar meanders, deep sinuous bass line throbs, and skipping drum beats into an intoxicating ethereal wave of helpless nostalgia amid minimal Instrument-like vocal caresses, carrying the listener away, albeit temporarily, into a hazy sky of blissful delight.

A beautifully imaginative cinematic video, directed by Antonin Côme himself, photographed by Kata Kwiatkowska and starring Gaspard Clasen, intersects bustling city scenes with a cloudy performance memory to build a surreal reverie. A sunny day at the park journaling casts doubt and dread over an angsty soul whose obsession with finding their own path opens the door for new insights and parallel goals.

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