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Weekly Electronic Music Tips / JULY-AUGUST #31-22

© Masao Yamamoto

  • Operator Radio [23-07-22] // swærm                                                                                                                     

Scottish DJ/Producer swærm based in Amsterdam delivers sheer energy and sweeping catharsis from a 2 hours showdown overflowing with a rhythmic and noisy lethal combination of Techno, Industrial and EBM.

  • Arizona-based breaks /acid /bass /electro DJ-producer Illektrolab – “In The Tube” from upcoming 12″ EP “Temporal Interference” on brokntoys

Energizing, intricate sci-fi drum & bass cut from Arizona‘s producer, that mechanically bounces through quick, tense and crisp breakbeats along with pulsating smooth basslines, mottled by bright spaced-out synthetic breezes of chilly spookiness and compulsive viscous acidic turbulences. Absolutely do not miss.

  • Danish jazz /Balearic /electronic DJ-producer Anders Ponsaing feat. Claus Højensgård – “The Man with the Red Face” from “African Skies” EP on Music for Dreams

A slowly enveloping, warming, sensual downtempo and jazzy sound affair that unfurls through groovy smoothly crisp percussions, intoxicating bass pulses and sparkling synths, stunningly decorated by soul-tingling trumpet blows, making for your dazed chill-out summery Balearic sunsets.

  • New Mexico EBM /electro /dark disco duo Roswell Brothers Feat. Nyx – “Closed World (Favio Inker Remix)” from “Closed World” EP soon on NEIN Records

Buenos Aires Favio Inker turns the original into a hot churning trotting bass-driven indie dark disco ride decorated with heady undulating low ends, buzzing synths and sizzling guitar chords to boost dancing energy, captivating and dangerous at the same time.

  • Tel Aviv / Paris ambient /electronic collaborative project between Israeli producer Yotam Avni and Australian singer-musician Karen Vogt, Yotam Avni and Karen Vogt “Voices” single
  • London based ambient /ethereal /electronic producer and musician from Yokohama, Hinako Omori “Ocean (Patricia Wolf Remix)” from the album “A journey with friends…” on Houndstooth
  • French disco /synt-pop /electro project of DJ/producer/remixer/performer Bertrand Lacombe of the group DBFC, aka Dombrance – “ISABELLE BALKANI” (démo 16 05 18)
  • Londonderry, Northern Ireland radiophonic workshop-esque electronics side project of musician Adam Leonard (Invaderband), aka A Farewell To Hexes “East Gate Expedition” from the 2021 tape album “Rendlesham” (an imaginary soundtrack of Rendlesham Forest incident, arguably Britain’s most remarkable UFO event) reissue now on vinyl 12″ by Polytechnic Youth
  • Bradford, UK electronica /post-rock /ambient /kosmische /synth project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “Yorkshire Kosmische” from “027” album
  • Late ’70s/Early ’80s Stockholm‘s experimental post-punk /synth electronic duo Ståålfågel “Utan Rymddräkt På Uranus” off of upcoming 7″ EP ” Utan Rymddräkt På Uranus” on Emotional Rescue
  • French electronic /industrial /techno /acid /electro DJ/producer (owner of New Flesh and Rave Or Die labels) from Lyon, UMWELT “Brightness Falls From The Air” from the new LP “Dead Eyes Society” 2xvinyl 12″ on Monnom Black.
  • UK ambient /ethereal /IDM new project of seminal electronic artist John Beltran, AKA Placid Angles “Moonlight Sunset” from 4-track EP “056 (The Lotus)” on AD 93
  • Bergen, Norway /São Paulo, Brazil darkwave /drum&bass /trip-hop duo Melt Motif – “Not What They Seem – The Poizone Remix”
  • Eugene, Oregon dark ambient /darkwave /industrial /synth solo project SOMBRE LUX “Devil’s Den” from the album “Doorways” on Errorgrid
  • Los Angeles breaks /dark electro /industrial /synth-pop /cyberpunk /electronic musician and producer Colin Cameron Allrich, aka SLIGHTER “High Tech, High Life (Kizunaut Remix)” from cassette album “Welcome to Riot City” on Brutal Resonance Records
  • Madrid-based German EBM /dark electronic music project of veteran DJ-producer Daniel Holc, aka ASCII.DISKO “Asche (SEADRAKE Remix)” from “ASCHE REMIXED” EP
  • Italian EBM /Industrial /Wave /Synthwave /Techno project of Raw Culture label boss from Rome (part of trio Fauna53), aka Asymmetrical “This Humanity (Anna Funk Damage Remix)” from the cassette album “Overwhelmed” on Fill-Lex Records
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial /EBM /techno/electro producer Delectro – “Evolution (Original Mix)” from “Mass Control” EP on Dame-Music
  • Tbilisi, Georgia EBM /Wave /Post-Punk /Dark Techno DJ and producer Ćyan ID “Regain Control” from upcoming cassette album “Silent Past Wounds” [X-IMG]                                                                             
  • Berlin-based industrial /electro /techno collaboration Phase Fatale & Reka – “No Esperes Más” from V/A “6 Years of KHIDI I” first of 3 EPs series on Tbilisi‘s KHIDI
  • Glasgow, UK EBM /industrial /metal /post-punk /dark techno live duo Scottish Power “The Nightstalker (Thomas P Heckmann Remix)” from “Serial Sequel” EP on Still Distant Records
  • London, UK EBM /industrial /techno producer EVIL DUST “THE RABBIT HOLE”
  • Greek raw industrial /dark electro /techno producer (1/2 of Magdalena’s Apathy), DJ LOSER “Necrotek”
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Crisi Di Identità” from upcoming cassette EP “Il Venerdì Dell’Arte” [X-IMG]
  • Los Angeles‘ experimental /industrial /techno /noise producer Julien Andreas “Like a Snake” from the CD album “Bottomfeeder” [M.A018] on Greek label Magdalena’s Apathy
  • French dark electronic /industrial /techno /acid /electro DJ/producer (owner of New Flesh and Rave Or Die labels) from Lyon, UMWELT “Memory Of Light” from Split 12″ EP with Faerber [LAP 001] on LAP records
  • Russian EBM-breakbeat-electro-Slav-punk duo Locked Club “It’s My Rave” title track from “It’s My Rave” EP on Boysnoize Records
  • Chicago, IL based acid /techno /dub /electro producer Richard Holhburn “Pulse Shifter” from “Sidereal Suite” on Perimeter Junk
  • Netherlands/France Italo disco /electro /wave production duo Luca Dell’Orso & Justine Forever – “Plant Life” [D’Oro UNLMTD 04]
  • Russian acid /indie dance /dark disco producer (aka Dancemilkdance), Eklektique “Epidemic” from “Mads Dance” EP on NEIN Records
  • British Funk /Breakbeat /Electro wizard Artificial Arm “Go Back in Time” from “Emotional Machines (Catalogue 200121)” compilation album on Dominance Electricity
  • Kyiv, Ukraine IDM /electro producer Sasha Zakrevska, aka Poly Chain “Buspironum” from V/A “Axisdance” compilation via Munich’s Terra Magica Rec.
  • Greek tribal /downtempo /psych / dark disco /electronic duo, Stevie R & Parisinos – “Bugs In A Hurricane” from “Martian Judy” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • ItaloArgentine EBM /techno /Electro /Dark Disco interdisciplinary artist based in Buenos Aires, Jessica Bellomo – “Ghetto Dancin (Manu Barcelo Remix)” EP soon on U’re Guay Records
  • Mexican electro /dark disco production duo Diaz Tech & Veltran, AKA Super Vatos – “Chac Mool” from upcoming EP “Chinkultic” [Espacio Cielo]
  • Mexican electro /house /dark disco collaboration, Zombies In Miami & Joseeph – “Disco Atomico (Original Mix)” from V/A “from Too Much To Match” compilation on Playground Records
  • Mexican acid /techno /indie dance producer Vleks “Voces (Original Mix)” from “Voces” EP [Logia Records]
  • Russian indie dance collaboration, Space Food & Kinky Sound – “Avalon (Kiko Remix)” EP soon on Ritual
  • Aix-en-Provence/Marseille tribal /house /techno based DJ-producer Rafael Cerato “Propaganda Machine Feat. Aves Volare”  off of “Machine 909” EP soon on Sincopat
  • German Electronic /Electro /Indie Dance producer Holzer Zilske aka Smash TV “Loneliness (Extended Version)” from “Loneliness” EP on mobilee
  • Berlin-based, Italian eclectic disco /techno /house electronic DJ/producer Massimilano Pagliara “Snap Out feat. Snax” single on Permanent Vacation
  • Paris based synth /wave /disco husband and wife duo of Australian singer/songwriter Kate Elsworth and French DJ/producer Nicolas Blistène, AKA Lunar Disco – “Sex, Drugs, Money & Lies (Niconé Remix)” from “Sex, Drugs, Money & Lies” EP [SUCK MY DISCO]
  • German-born, Austria-based deep house /nu-disco /indie dance producer and Freeride Millenium co-founder, Jorkes “Robot Lover” from “Sweet Dreams” EP on Live at Robert Johnson/Freeride Millenium
  • Los Angeles chill /electronic /’daytime disco’ producer Poolside “Harvest Moon – Satin Jackets Remix”
  • Liverpool, UK dub /minimal /techno /deep house producer Trance Boy “Space Captain’s Log” from “Just A Glimpse” EP on spclnch
  • French experimental /ambient /deep techno female producer from Angers, Hydrangea ‘Forest Floor” from V/A “8th Anniversary | VA Compilation” (Name your price) via Annulled Music
  • Paris-based Lebanese experimental /ambient /drone /synth musician & composer Marc Codsi “Remembering October 2019 (then I sink)” from the cassette 4th album “The Silence Between The New World And The Aftermath” on Beirut‘s Ruptured Records
  • Yamaguchi, Japan ambient electronic landscaper Tomokazu Fujimoto aka Multi-Surface “Points & Lines” from the upcoming cassette album “Aesthetics of Inequality Triangles” on Not Not Fun Records
  • Köln based ambient /cinematic /techno sound architect-music composer-DJ, Cio D’Or – “Gezeiten Q X” from the upcoming album “Polar Q” on Kynant Records
  • Swedish ambient /ethereal /cello /vocal /neo-classical artists Henrik Meierkord and Sole Gipp Ossler “Ballongen” from the upcoming album “Lära” on Ambientologist
  • Russian ambient /soundscapes /chillout /drone project of Rodion Kudryavtsev, AKA Samsara Inc. “Deaf Dancer” from the album “Dark Corners” on Atlantea Records
  • Urbana, Illinois drone /field recordings /ethereal /minimal ambient artist INNESTI “Fragments Like These” from the album “Folding, A Study”
  • Brighton, UK-based ambient /electro-acoustic artist and Home Normal label curator, Ian Hawgood – “For distance brings us closer” from the upcoming Split album with Fields We Found “Upward eyes / Kindred” on Handstitched*
  • Fukushima city, Japan ambient /drone / experimental musician Saito Koji “Ray of Light (Excerpt)” from the upcoming album “Ray of Light” on Élan Vital
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient/ sound collage/ synthesizer solo project, The Tape Recorders “The Shortest Way Home” from the upcoming mini-album “The Gospel Rails”
  • Leicester, UK/Hamburg, Germany ambient /drone /experimental collaboration, Yellow6 vs David Walraff – “The World Can Be As Sad As It Seems” from upcoming V/A “RENTAL YIELDS: VOLUME ONE” charity compilation on Front & Follow
  • Manchester, UK lo-fi ambient /drone /soundscapes /experimental musician and producer Brin Coleman AKA Bing Satellites “Explorers” from the album “Ambient Space Noise”

The Long Night – Val Telberg

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