WL//WH Video Premiere: VIOLET NOX Opens a Portal to “Magnetar”


Boston, Massachusetts based experimental electronic visionaries return with an interpretive Psychedelic music video created by Chris Konopka, WL//WH is pleased to premiere, for the cool breezy and dreamy twilight jam “Magnetar” featuring the vocals of Noell Dorsey, taken from their latest 5-track release “Eris Wakes” via, Infinity Vine Records (US) and Aumega Project (Germany).

Magnetar” enhances the ability to level up into a transcendental realm of 5th-dimensional bliss by fusing cool, fizzing, depth-defying textures into an immersive dance of bouncy hollow beats, droning, prowling bass lines, and an array of groovy alchemical effects, swirling, buzzing, and zapping in bewitching frequencies around beautiful, serene, magnetic female vocals, calling from the end of a whirlwind tunnel to “take the long way home.”

Intoxicating cyber-psychedelics, by Chris Konopka, build an abstract tapestry of insight, wisdom, and hope by enticing cymatic shapes to pulse groovily in sync with the soundtrack. Blurry observations decipher powerful revelations from hidden thought forms using molten shape-shifting overlays, inspired by the sun’s endless rays, to transform a geometric urban backdrop into rigid black and white fragmentations. Universal symbols and tones emerge from a blob of broad spectrum rainbow energies to bleed heady influences through hypnotic waves of mind-altering suggestions, pushing icy fears into a growing force of warm desire.

Violet Nox 5-track EP “Eris Wakes” is out now, on Limited CD & Digitally, through Infinity Vine Records, distributed by Aumega Project.

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