WL//WH Video Of Day: IOANA IORGU “Snakes”


After last year’s gripping first full-length “Thick Skin”, The Netherlands based Noise Post-Punk rocker Ioana Iorgu,  with the dynamic support of Joris Boerma on drums, has not rested on her laurels, with a string of four singles in anticipation of her sophomore LP already on the start line, the last of which, “Snakes”, is accompanied by an off-kilter and hypnotic DIY video starring dancer Rosie Reith.

The darkly stirring “Snakes” is, as usual, infused with Ioana‘s poetic lyrics blending snakes, ants, and slugs into a hideous creepy crawly trope, to illustrate the scary, misunderstood rebalancing act of Mother Nature’s chaos.

Just as urgent and gripping is the straightforward, passionate and seething mix of boisterous 80s post-punk sounds stuffed with 90s grungy and noise-rock discordant vibrancy, brimming with a heap of grit and intensity, built on pounding rhythms, jarring distortions and evocative tormented vocalizations.

Raw, edgy, and dangerous auras charge ominous digging bass lines, buzzing abrasive, rugged guitar riffs, and steady punchy drum beats into a treacherous undertow of hypnotic dread, whilst cutting, pensive, and taunting vocals shift engaging simmering prowess with angsty, restless passions, to fall dramatically into heavy, gusting, swirling swarms of windy apocalyptic feelings.

An interpretive dance sequence, starring Rosie Reith, blends broken doll poses with double-jointed illusions, and dramatic flairs to construct a disturbing metaphorical reaction to an invisible, supernatural attack. Universal symbols, hues, and suggestions, seen through the aesthetics of shorn stylized hair, a white, cotton nightdress, and emotional facial expressions invoke visions of bondage, death, and rebirth from the mind’s eye of archetypes to propel the viewer through a backward flow of motion toward a nightmarish end.

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