WL//WH Video Of The Day: RETROVISOR “Yemanja”

Video Of The Day  RETROVISOR  

Cochabamba, Bolivia’s multidisciplinary minimal Dark Wave artists and Japanese modern psychosomatic ‘forbidden dance’ Butoh performers, Huascar Rodríguez and Paola Vargas, AKA Retrovisor, return with another native Bolivian-inspired hypnotizing video/track, “Yemanja.”

An immersive spiritual realm of droning nervous synth flutters stirred by a crispy array of mesmeric ritual percussions, and heavy, churning bass tone growls, swirl and coalesce into rousing primal energies around strong whispers, depth-defying echoes, and breathless witchy chants to awaken the ancient river goddess Yemanja from the surreal and salty depths of disharmonious frequencies.

Engaging, interpretive video directed by Vladimir Alba stars Andrea Castellon, Alejandra Vargas, and Retrovisor themselves in a provocative performance set against the moody red auras of supernatural dimensions. A bewitching tribal dance infuses elements of martial arts with transformative shadows and hypnotic strobe lights to evoke mystery, awe, and fear from the mind’s eye of interpretation. Exotic cultural vibes, translucent overlays, and dramatic passions invoke archetypal powers and universal symbols from a subconscious well of inherited memories to open heady doorways of wisdom and insight.

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Picture by Massiel Cardozo


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