WL//WH Premiere: 909DISTORTION & AXGGAA “No Matter” [Of Dolls And Murder]


In a constant search through EBM /Techno /Industrial /Synth sound territories, Mar del Plata-based duo 909Distortion & Axggaa delivers their new EP among horror stories and hidden dramatic ambiences, merging their main influences from body techno textures, to ritual music reflections, metallic hits and sick bass lines. Each layer displayed here shows the path and erosion of this album they decided to name “Terror”.

The Argentinian production unit and hardware live act have been making music from early on going through punk bands and other distorted genres. They released music on labels such as Riot Radio Records (UK) Gomboc Records (AR), Falsive Records (HL) Obsession (FR), Insane Industry (IT), and OSM Tapes (GR), gaining support from artists around the globe.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the high-energy EBM-fueled industrial techno cut “No Matter” that unleashes driving thundering rhythms swaying in a hypnotic snappy swirl of sharp kicks, stomping beats, metallic hits, menacing buzzing bassline undulations, and distant primal shouts, to shift swarming moods of cold reckless abandon, whilst heady hypnotic repetitions open mind-altering doorways into a decadent moment of introspective dancefloor rapture.

909Distortion & Axg‘s new EP “Murder” [ODM014] is scheduled for release, in Digital format, tomorrow July 01, 2022, via the Argentinian label/collective Of Dolls And Murder‘s Bandcamp.

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