WL//WH Track Of The Day: INTENTIONS “Home”


From the sweeping dusty desert landscapes, close to the Mexican border, of Western Texas, made of big sky and burnt earth, hails the Shoegaze 5-piece Intentions, based in El Paso, fresh from dropping their Split EP with fellow quartet Get Well.

Intentions play an invigorating and at the same time mesmeric blend of shoegazing dizziness and slowcore sluggishness, played on contrasts and juxtapositions of harmony and dissonance, tension and introspection, sprawling reverb-soaked feedback and nostalgic atmospheric parts, infused with a distinctive melancholic and dismal dreamy melodic sensitivity.

Driven by a dark and hypnotic post-punk rhythm section to instil underlying murky tones, awashed by heavy yet caressing and immersive noisy distortions, “Home” is imbued by regretful lyrics that brood on past mistakes to alienate new and fateful dreams.

An incessant tight hypnotic drumming smacks through a sinuously dense, bleak and pulsing bassline, intermittently streaked with layers of wistful shimmering ripples, aching distorted swelling riffs and warm frothy swathes of fuzzy drifts, to keep building with restrained somber vibrancy around airy melancholic breathy vocals of reflective pain and angsty dread, flying misunderstood through excruciating tides of longing.

Along with its over six minutes the second turbid and murky track, laconically entitled “V.”, floats mournfully immersive, infusing the right dose of warmth to delicately envelop the listener with spirals of fuzz, heart-wrenching shivering strains and poignant inner restlessness.

Both, more or less, delving into Ride, MBV, Jesu, Nothing, Slowdive, JAMC, Low, and Coastal sonic inclinations, Intentions and Get Well are two young bands that, despite their slight dissimilarities, perfectly complement each other in the space of an extended play that once again reveals the talent, energy and never-ending heritage of a seamlessly obscure, visceral and emotive guitar rock crafted in Texas.

The 4-track Split Intentions // Get Well EP is available on Bandcamp via local DIY label Nodal Records.

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