WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – JUNE #23-22

Émile Joachim Constant Puyo – ‘Black Silhouette’, c. 1903

  • Kyiv, Ukraine lo-fi post-punk solo project (Fka Night Excitement), Night Voyager “He wants revenge” single

New single from Ukrainian lo-fi Post-punk solo project winding sad, dramatic moods injected by an obsessive gloomy tangle of solitary profound notes and plaintive twinkling guitar melodies, awash by airy gauzy tragic synth floats, to punctuate soft, haunted vocals dropping introspective, lovelorn regrets into simmering broods of anger and revenge, whilst we dance slowly to enfold into a seemingly calming yet heart-tugging darkness.

  • Mississippi based Shoegaze /Darkwave /Post-Punk solo act DETECTS “Saving Time” from the 2-track single “Pretend To Change”

Mississippi‘s one-man band ceaselessly steers in sparkling, tumultuous and murky sonic maelströms, summoning the phantoms of restless moody 80s post-punk gloom and shimmering hazy bursts of 90s shoegaze introspection. It’s no exception for the edgy and darkly enveloping new 2-tracker the splits amid the A-side, “Saving Time”, that unleashes urgent steady rhythms and a prominent punchy bassline pulsing pain-filled shivers into swirling scintillating ripples of hypnotic guitar flashes and icy keyboard desolation over haunted melancholic vocals lost in hopeless regret and anxiety-fueled fate, whilst the B-side, “Buildings & Bars”, shimmers and sways through the vibrant and magnetic stumbling pace of jangly 6-string wistful chimes and somberly airy synth swathes, pervaded with bygone British wave nostalgia.

  • Stockholm, Sweden future pop /synthpop act Vidéo L’Eclipse “Signals” new single

Dark, melodic and evocative Synth-pop as the Swedish are often deft at crafting, through shivering, buzzing basslines, emotional bright synth swathes and strings of twinkling chords, with skipping beats, dramatic multi-lingual voice clips, and atmospheric male vocal croons to depict a dire landscape swept in urgency, deception, and desire.

  • Indianapolis‘ post-punk /new wave /avant-pop multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Jackson VanHorn “Limits of Life” new single on Hush Club Ltd.
  • Kalamazoo, Mi goth /new wave /darkwave band The Amaranth “Gothtimist” title track off the upcoming album
  • Berlin‘s electronic /darkwave /post-punk /coldwave project of Alexander Leonard Donat, aka VLIMMER “Kronzeuge (Single Edit)” from the single “Kronzeuge b/w It’s No Good” new 2-track CDr single on his own label Blackjack Illuminist
  • Nottingham, UK post-punk /new wave band In Isolation “The Wrong Girl” (from ‘Zombie Hood’ Soundtrack) off of the collection album “Albums | Singles | Soundtracks – an Anthology 20072022
  • Athens, GA deathrock /post-punk project originally formed in 2003, Tears for ʇhe Dying “Kms” (single)
  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), AKA Lords Of The Northern Sky “Selene (Please Wake Me)” from the new EP “The Leaves That Fall”
  • Portland, Or Post-Punk /Darkwave /Drama Pop act PLEASURE VICTIM “Holy Violence” (Single)
  • Brisbane/Melbourne cult synth-pop trio 100% “Prisoner” second single from the upcoming debut album on It Records
  • Barcelona, Spain DIY Post-Punk solo project of Ania, aka SOFT WEAR “The Drive” second single
  • Italian darkwave trio from Naples, Neila Invo – “Murder’s Prayer” from the debut album “Alienation”
  • Malmö, Sweden post-punk /gothic rock trio Gallows’ Eve “Born To Die” from the debut EP “Five Hexes”
  • Amiens, French psych-cold-synth pop project of the LNWKP drummer, MARIO.D “Je remonte sur mon nuage” from “Mémoire” EP on his co-own Tête Froide records
  • Sweden‘s dark electronic/ EBM /synth act Sturm Café – ”Hymne für die Ewigkeit” first single from upcoming LP
  • Los Angeles based EBM Rhythmic Industrial Electronics solo project MODEBIONICS “TERA LUSAIN (abominate)” from the 4-track demo EP “Overmind”
  • Denmark EBM /industrial /synthpop solo project Leaether Strip “State Farm (Yazoo / Yaz Cover)”
  • Japanese EBM /Old School EBM project by Xu of Faktoria, Mionokage “Sweet Vengeance -Go Ballistic-” from s/t album
  • Berlin-based EBM /synthwave project Transhuman Rebirth “Duck and Cover” from the upcoming LP “Preparing Singularity”
  • L.A. industrial /new beat /dark electronic duo Adam V. Jones and Sarah Graves, aka HAEX “Cvrtain (Klack Remix)” from “Reflections” EP
  • Berlin-based industrial /dark electro act Monstergod “Austere (feat. Daray, Heinrich and Cesar Soto)” from the LP “Ozymandias”
  • Atlanta, GA experimental electronic /post-punk /industrial project HIGH MARKS “When I’m a Mess” from the single “When I’m a Mess b/w They Took Neutrality”
  • Detroit, Mi based EBM /electronic /post-punk act (Fka Feral Body), COMFORT CURE “Rain On The Bar” single
  • Electronic /industrial /synth-pop /new beat /’collapsed wave’ solo project from Poland, Black Sun Dreamer “Attacks” from V/A “Young and Cold Sampler Vol. 6” CD compilation on Young & Cold Records
  • Northern Ireland‘s electronic /synth producer ÉABHA – “Strangers” from V/A “NI Electronic Workshop Vol. 1” cassette EP on TONN Recordings.
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /synth wave band PLAGUE PITS “Transnecropolitan” title track from the first cassette album “Transnecropolitan”
  • Experimental /synth wave /techno /electronic alter ego of Belgian/Kosovar conceptual multimedia artist, actress and dancer/performer Shelbatra Jashari, AKA Elektronik Body Girl “Cantaremos Cosas Simples” from s/t EP on Emotional Response
  • Leipzig, Germany dark post-disco duo New Hook “Manipulation” single on Riot Van
  • Berlin-based coldwave /dark disco duo of singer Joy Tyson and DJ-producer Skelesys, aka Snake Milk – “Darkness Mit Pommes” from the debut LP “Darkness Mit Pommes” on Oberwave Records
  • Eclectic Electro-Pop solo project from the singer of Italian electro-trailblazers Kirlian Camera, Elena Alice Fossi, aka SPECTRA*Paris “Devious” from the upcoming fifth album “Modernism” on Dependent
  • German/Danish Synthpop /Electronic act T. Schmidt & J. Machons, AKA Lights Of Euphoria “Man And Machine” monthly single on Infacted Records
  • New York dark synthpop duo The Mystic Underground “Peter” new single
  • French gothic industrial synthpop band (Fka PORN), Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – “The Heartbeat of the Night” single on Les disques Rubicon
  • Synthpop duo from Switzerland, BLACKBOOK “Emergency Love” new single on darkTunes.
  • German synth pop /dark wave /electro-rock band from Grevenbroich, Dusk to Dawn “Fading” from the remastered version of the 1995 LP “Places You Have Never Seen”
  • Miami’s Electronic /Dark SynthWave /Synth-Pop act Element 104 “Tropic Of Cancer” single
  • Southampton, UK based Polish electronic /coldwave /post-punk band, DOGS IN TREES “Keep It Dark” from “Dark” EP
  • Dark electro /experimental project of Julia Lunar from Moscow, ElektroTerapi “Fatal Error” single
  • Grevenbroich, Germany Goth /Darkwave /Synthpop band Dusk To Dawn – “Fading” from the EP “Places You Have Never Seen”
  • Saint John, New Brunswick coldwave /darkwave solo project CCTV “Darkness” from 2-track single “S”
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia shoegaze /post-punk band ASTHMA “Прогноз” from the debut EP “Оторопелость”
  • Chilean post-punk /synth-punk /electronic duo from Santiago, 3V3C3S3 “Sangre” new single.
  • One-man Post-Punk project out of Germany, Another Abyss “Once More Without Feeling” single
  • Colombian darkwave /post-punk band from Antioquia, Insepulto “Kaleidoscópio” single
  • L.A. synthwave /post-punk one-man band Nass//Zuruck “Lust culture” single
  • Indianapolis based dark post-punk one-man-band ANGEL-MAKER “Refrain” single
  • Texas darkwave project The Bradley “Chopped Liver” from “Phantasmagoria” on Witchcult Records
  • New York new wave /post-punk solo project Postlooperish “Baseline (Eros Mix)” single.
  • Richmond, Virginia Coldwave /Darkwave act Petrified Entity “Womb to the Grave” from the upcoming debut S/T album
  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk duo URBANDONED. “Omnipresent” [Single]
  • Santiago, Chile post-punk band Parasomnia “Es Destrucción” second single of the upcoming first album “Vigilia”
  • Mexican synthwave /darkwave /post-punk project of Helder Camberos, AKA Red Industrie “Post Destruction (Radio Edit)” from “Post Destruction” the 7th Maxi-Single from the album “Tiempos de Nostalgia” via PürZynth Rekords
  • German noise /deathrock /post-punk band NIHIL NIHIL NIHIL “Dance The End” from the first EP “Things Fall Apart As They Shall” to be released on cassette on Caligari Records (US) and Lowland Fires (DE).
  • Virginia‘s dark gothic rock band SONSOMBRE “Wild Child” from the new EP “Anthems For The Broken” on Cleopatra Records
  • Eskilstuna, Sweden based veteran Gothic Rock duo BROTHERHOOD “Fade In” single on gimmeshelter                   
  • Irish post-punk /gothic rock solo project pMad “Horror” single
  • Mexico post-punk /new wave solo project REDLIK “Llorona” from the debut EP “Ficciones”
  • Seattle Post-Punk 4-piece FINAL BODY “Sick Quitter” new single
  • New Zealand four-piece Post-punk band from Auckland, SOFT BAIT “Big” first single from their forthcoming debut album.
  • French new wave /post-punk trio TROIE “New Age” title track from the sophomore EP “New Age”
  • London based indie /post-punk band Talk Show “Cold House” new single from the upcoming EP “Touch the Ground” via Missing Piece Records                                                                                                                                 
  • L.A. based US/German post-punk trio WELT STAR – “Rauschgift” from the debut EP “Ich Hasse Blumen” on Refry Records and Under The Gun Records (tape)
  • Swedish new wave /post-punk 5-piece (members from iconic Swedish rock and punk acts like Masshysteri or Deportees) led by Refused frontman, Dennis Lyxzénm aka INVSN “Stay With Me” from the LP “Let The Night Love You” on Clouds Hill
  • Orléans, France post-punk /shoegaze /new wave solo project RocKo Is DeAd – “Fanchester XXII AD (A.N.F. sessions)” single
  • Barnaul, Russia lo-fi /new wave /post-punk outfit, юность-1201 [yunost-1201] “Постсовет” debut single
  • French new wave /post-punk /coldwave 4-piece from Rennes, DENNER – “Shades & Parasols” (unreleased bonus track, 2019) from the album “Shades & Parasols” a collection of 2021‘s three EPs on Meidosem Records
  • German lo-fi /coldwave /post-punk project German Bot “Fragen” from the EP “In Flammen”
  • Norwegian New Wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “Where she never arrived” from “Integration” EP
  • UK five-piece dark-pop indie band from Newcastle, Ghost//Signals “Lives Defined By Winter Skies” (SINGLE EDIT)                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Dutch darkwave collaboration between singer Yvette Winkler and musician-producer Frank Weyzig (Born For Bliss, Tearing The BlackBox, ex-Clan of Xymox), VASELYNE “Forever After” from “The Sea Says” LP on COP International

Émile Joachim Constant Puyo – ‘White Silhouette’, c. 1903

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