WL//WH Video Of The Day: CATERVAS “El Sonido”

Video Of The Day  CATERVAS  

In over 25 years of activity, since 1996, with six albums under their belt, veteran Alternative Rockers Catervas established as one of the most significant bands and real trailblazers of the Peruvian indie rock sound, able to steadily evolve with freshness and personality, while always maintaining a distinctive twist.

After their well-received 5th studio album, “Los Cielos Vuelan Otra Vez” in 2018, the quartet started to work on the follow-up in 2020, slowed down by the global pandemic, to ultimately accomplish it with the support, for the first time in their history, of an external producer in the person of the renowned Spain-based musician Mario Silvania, one half, with Cocó Cielo, of 90s Peruvian electronic/shoegaze pioneer act Silvania.

Catervas‘ sixth studio LP, called “Laberinto”, is finally a reality, ready to be unveiled to the world through the Automatic Entertainment label (Resplandor, Radio Dept, Japandroids, Robin Guthrie, Lovesliescrushing, etc.), teased by the first single, “El Sonido”, along with a video clip directed by Rodrigo Loayza.

Inter-dimensional lyrics blur the mental state betwixt asleep and awake to evoke a surreal, curious realm of uncertainty, turmoil, and confusion.

Whimsical fantasies and angsty longings compel soft heartfelt male vocals to rise and fall in hopeless harmonies, whilst angelic female breathes by Jesica Arakaki caress with comforting cries amid thick throbbing bass lines, glistening, bewitching guitar melodies, cool, airy morphing synth swathes, and heart-thumping drum beats, expanding and folding in mesmeric patterns, to fill cloudy, daunting dreams with beautiful visions from restless, impassioned moods emerging helpless into mercurial waves of dystopic bliss

Hypnotic black and white textures swirl, drift and moult over an emotional performance to infuse mystery, awe, and melancholy from the mind’s eye of interpretation. Powdery overlays, shifting backdrops, and crystal orb energies construct alternate dimensions of heightened perception in sync with the haunting beauty of the soundtrack as backward flows of memories manifest subconscious insight from an alchemy of endless possibility.

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