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Video Of The Day  BASNIA  

Basnia is the entrancing multifaceted melancholic music project of Warsaw, Poland based, songwriter, lyricist and vocalist Baśnia Lipińska, with the support of Adam Kaliszewski (guitar), Łukasz Zaorski-Sikora (bass), and Filip Onufry Jaremko (drums), with a 4AD label inspired, heady amalgamation between haunting dark sensibility and ethereal and introspective Dream-Pop, ceaselessly sprinkled and energized with Post-Punk, Shoegaze and Alternative Rock leanings.

Basnia gives us a tantalizing example of the suggestions above with the angst-driven, soulful and dark rocking new song “Photographs”, taken from the upcoming sophomore 10-track album, “In Parts Messed Up”, due out May 20, 2022, paired with a nostalgic DIY video.

Turbulent, angsty vibes spread over steady punchy drum beats and an ominously rumbling thick bassline that throbs sinuously along with distorted glistening guitar riffs to echo and linger around beautifully tragic female vocals rising and falling in aching, hopeless harmonies, searching for happiness in old “Photographs”, amid a soaring solitude of stinging painful 6-string strains, to crest desperate in high haunted celestial howls of dim, urgent disillusioned moods.

Foggy, poignant, retro stained hues soak a solo forest photoshoot in warped visions to evoke sadness, fear, and nostalgia. White ghost-like textures drift disenchanted through a surreal landscape where forlorn memories captured by unfocused, grainy, and spinning camerawork blur space and time betwixt lovesick realms of life and death. Lost dance sequences, vintage polaroids, and crystal totem magic draw from archetypal forces of hidden symbols to ignite the mind’s eye of cathartic healing with a subconscious realm of unearthed knowledge.

LP Artwork by @emilialyonphoto

Basnia‘s second LP, “In Parts Messed Up”, is slated for release on May 20, 2022; the beautiful Digipack CD Edition is already on Pre-Order on the band’s Bandcamp.

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Photo by Emilia Lyon (@emilialyonphoto)

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