WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – APRIL #18-22

  • Désordres Sonores // ‘Black Moon’                                                                                                                         

Montreal, Quebec‘s ‘Musical Rendez-vous’ devoted to Coldwave, Darkwave, Post-punk, Synthpop, Shoegaze and all other obscure discoveries. This week a two-hour mix featuring her April favourites.  Subscribe to Désordres Sonores’ Mixcloud profile here.                                       

  • Quetzaltenango, Guatemala new wave /post-punk outfit GUERRA FRIA “Afuera Esta LLoviendo” from the second EP “De Los Recuerdos Y El Odio”                                                                                                         

Minimal, wistfully melodic, equally intense, terribly moody and gloomily emotional post-punk, at times dreamy introspective to graze dream-pop hues, from the enigmatic band Guerra Fria, possibly a solo project, from Guatemala, at the second EP just a few weeks apart. Skeletal yet sharp drum machines, eternally sadly throbbing basslines, effect-filled glittering emotive guitars, washes of forsaken airy bright synths, to drive anxiety and turmoil through ghostly mazes of obsessive gleaming brooding meanderings, layering heavy melancholy over somber reflective vocals, delivering poetic lyrical confessions of post-apocalyptic lovelorn doom.

  • French electro /coldwave /darkwave project of Parisian artist Remi Lauvergne, AKA Sad Madona “Idole (w/ Mega Sega Drive Club)” single

We constantly appreciate the French artist’s dramatic dance, for the occasion in cahoots with the eclectic electro-pop one-man from Krasnodar, perhaps still unknown to the most, but able to bring out really intriguing pieces, take a tour of his Bandcamp. is a synthetic, catchy and damn danceable darkwave bouncy dark club cut, made of pounding and rustling metallic beats, edgy, emotional warm synths, dangerously undulating bass, insistently painfully scratching guitars to drive a cold, sinister and alluringly enshrouding rhythmic vibrancy after sad aching vocals rambling hopeless longings.

  • California‘s dream pop /new wave /post-punk solo project WISTERIA “Your Shadow” new single

I have always enjoyed the 80s British New Romantic and New Wave scene, even the most chart-friendly bands such as Kajagoogoo, Nick Kershaw, Culture Club to name a few, songs that somehow, often subconsciously, lingered in on the background of my youth, remaining constantly latent, gradually understanding, over the years, their significance beyond the apparent simple catchy and elegant pop quality, certainly far superior when compared to what is served up by any commercial radio since the 90s. Certainly recalls those blurry nostalgic years, the solo project Wisteria, the one from California this time, channelling the sparkling glossy wistful auras to layer dreamy male confessions with angsty energetic synth melodies, and thick urgent bass pulses to form a heart-racing love song swept in fear, desire, and confusion.

  • NYC darkwave/ambient noir /electropop duo R. Missing “Verónica Pass (Sally Shapiro Mix)” from the single “Verónica Pass”
  • Swiss wave artist and producer from ZürichBlanche Biau “Lazy”                                                                                 
  • Portland, OR dream pop /post-punk /darkwave band SHADOWLANDS “Perfect Void” new 2-track single
  • Hamilton, UK-based darkwave project of Lea Torn, AKA The Secret Experiment “Ghosts” from “In These Shadows” EP
  • Brazil post-punk /minimal electronics /darkwave duo Andromeda “Humano” from the EP “Melancolia”
  • Flat Rock, Michigan experimental /neo-folk /coldwave /synthpop artist Gio Orlando, AKA Whorehouse “Haunting Me” single
  • Paris / Barcelona synth post-punk /darkwave trio DES ÂMES LIBRES – “Talk About This – Comando Suzie remix” from the EP “Talk About This Remixes”
  • German based dark synth-pop act led by Edmonton native Darrin Huss, PSYCHE “Haunted When The Minutes Drag” (Love and Rockets, 1985) from V/A “The Work of Sinners, The Work of Saints (A Tribute to Love & Rockets and Tones On Tail)” album on Coitus Interruptus Productions
  • Nürnberg, Germany eclectic folk /synthpop /darkwave duo Antichrisis “Wasted Time” single
  • Vancouver, Canada New Wave /Synthwave trio comprised of Brian Gustavson (Spectres), Nathan Szilagyi (Ex-Spectres), and Michelle Smolnicki, aka NOUVEAUX “Illusions” second single on Sabotage Records and Castra Records 
  • NRW, Germany wave /synth-punk duo I Am The Fly “A dysfunctional pattern of wants” from the EP “Pattern/Function”
  • Polish synth wave duo from Szczecin, Sygnały “Atomowi chuligani” from the cassette EP “Brenda i Funky” on Syf Records
  • Croatian/Slovenian EBM /dark electro collaboration of veterans producer/DJ Ljubljana‘s Christian Kroupa (AKA Alleged Witches) and Zagreb’s Jasmin Yas (AKA Le Chocolat Noir, Fiume, Honored Matres, Florence Foster Fan Club), aka Christian Kroupa x LCN “Electro City Express (PAN YU Version)” from the upcoming EP “Worlds Connect” on KRI
  • San Diego, Ca based coldwave /darkwave /synthwave artist EM_LEN “Divide” from the new EP “Ophelia Memorial Gardens”
  • Leipzig, Germany dark electronic /minimal /coldwave /darkwave /synth project RINA PAVAR “The things we hide” opening track from the EP of the same name
  • Athens-based, Greek dark electronic duo Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, AKA Paradox Obscur “Wild Silk” from the upcoming LP “Morphogenesis” on Metropolis Records
  • French industrial /dark wave /techno /synthpop solo project Fragrance. “Crisis (Kris Baha Remix)”                     
  • Paris, French EBM /techno /synthpop /synth wave artist-producer Sydney Valette “Station Stop” from the upcoming new album due next September on Young & Cold (Vinyl) and Icy Cold Records (CD)
  • Brighton based co-founder and frontman of iconic late ’70s/’80s Sheffield‘s post-punk/electronic experimentalists Cabaret Voltaire, Stephen Mallinder “Hush” from the upcoming album “Tick Tick Tick” on Dais Recs
  • German EBM /synthpop /electro producer Martin Steinebach (AKA Conscientia Peccati, Monoid, StillStand, Compest), EM1V “Broken Glass” from”Hidden Mutation” on SOIL
  • San Francisco, Ca darkwave /synth-punk /minimal synth solo project of John Anton Malinowskj, aka EX-HEIR “Sworn (Time Bomb)” from “Not Yet” EP
  • French cold /industrial wave project of Marie Lando, aka GRABYOURFACE “FKNBSTRDS” from the single “FKNBSTRDS / HOWDAREU” on Negative Gain.
  • Stockholm based Polish minimal electronic /EBM solo project La Santé “RAS” single
  • Toronto based industrial /electronic /synthwave /dark pop project of Cory Gorski (Volt 9000, VHS Nightmares), aka A Perfect Error ‘Straightline’ first single from the upcoming debut album ‘Midnight Wire’ on Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Californian dark electronic /post-punk /industrial /synthwave solo project FORNICATA “Auto Suggestion” single                                                                                                                                                                        
  • New York dark electronic /synth-punk artist (Fka Ghotha from the collective project Unboned), RHOYA “Interiores”                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • L.A.‘s lo-fi /wave /post-punk /electro-punk solo project of visual artist, songwriter and musician, Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “These Charms May be Wasted” single
  • San Antonio, TX post-industrial /techno /darkwave /synthwave solo project, ZEN HANDER “Scrying Mirror” single
  • Lisbon-based darkwave one-man band project of Portuguese musician Pedro Code (The Dream Collision and Rainy Days Factory), IAMTHESHADOW “Remind Me” first advance single from the upcoming album due later this year on vinyl, CD and digital via Cold Transmission Music.
  • Costa Rica/US gothic rock collaboration of Ariel Maniki (Ariel Maniki and The Black Halos) and Zac Campbell (The Kentucky Vampires), The Waning Moon “Fall” debut from s/t EP
  • Bremen, Germany goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project ATTIC FROST “Rise” from the cassette debut album “A new kind of hopelessness”
  • French/Spanish post-punk /neo-folk duo Victor-Yann Gand (Bruta Non Calculant, Lésion Française, Swesor Bhrater) and Ruth G. Núñez de Arenas, aka MANN OF SEASONS “Eternal Life” from the upcoming album “The Songs Of Innocence” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Madrid-based coldwave /darkwave /post-punk /new wave solo project of Marco Torremocha, aka DUNKELWALD – “Nada Nuevo” single
  • Hamburg, Germany wave /post-punk band Wreckage Dance “Down In A Month” (Demo)
  • Lisbon, Portugal coldwave /darkwave /dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, AKA Liquid Land “Unbelievable” new single
  • Portugal‘s post-punk /darkwave producer David Wolf, AKA When The Roses Die “Love” single
  • Cincinnati, Ohio coldwave /post-punk /darkwave project of Avery Stanken, HEALNG “Set prices” single from upcoming EP in May
  • Medellín, Colombia DIY post-punk outfit Herzap Corp “Molotov” from the first album “Skirmish” (Demo)
  • Polish coldwave /post-punk band CABARET GREY “Almost Frantic” from the new cassette album “Cold Calculations”
  • Brussels, Belgium romantic post-punk band Factheory – “Souvent (OK Lion! Remix)”
  • Californian New Wave /Post-Punk band from San Diego, THE TODDS “Freedom is Slavery” from the EP “Orwellian”
  • Barnaul, Russia coldwave /post-punk band, ютта замбона [jutta sambona] “водоворот” single
  • Canadian post-punk /synth-punk duo from Vancouver, SEKTION TYRANTS “Systematic Letdown” 4th digital single from Sektion Tyrants’ debut full length to be released on Take Away The Love Records.
  • Berlin based bedroom indie rock /new wave /post-punk solo project of Florian Nikolai, AKA JOGGER “BRD Noir” title track from the upcoming debut album “BRD Noir” on Cut Surface
  • South Korea darkwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project of Shinji Kim from Seoul, BENDI BOI “Wo sind die Eulen?” off of the new 2-track single “Let Owls Die”
  • Kassel, Germany new wave /post-punk band wehatethesmiths “A” from the debut EP “New Crack” on Kill Me Records
  • South African dreamy shoegaze /post-punk band from Cape Town, Dangerfields “Awake” new single via The Good Times Co.
  • Kazakh post-punk solo project IEGERLER “Oiyn” single
  • Düsseldorf, Germany indie rock /post-punk 4-piece Carpet Waves “Shadows” from the “Inner Weapons” EP on Waveland Records
  • Europe-based AngloArgentinian New Wave /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “Against the Grain” second single
  • Leipzig based, Geneva‘s sci-fi /synth post-wave-punk band, MARAUDER “Death/Suicide” from the sophomore album “PUISSANCE 4” on Feel It Records
  • Bialystok, Poland dark wave /goth horror /electronic music producer Air Midnight “Rise From The Grave” first single from the upcoming EP “Higher Sky”
  • Portland, Or based four-piece post-punk /goth /rock n roll band Nyx Division “Dark star” title track from the album “Dark Star” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Mexico City-based industrial /electronic /goth /darkwave solo project, RITUALZ “Static Noise” fourth single off the upcoming album “RADICAL MACABRO”.
  • Los Angeles synth-punk /post-punk 4-piece AGENDER “Preach” from the upcoming second “No Nostalgia” LP
  • Swedish post-punk band from Stockholm, Viagra Boys – “Ain’t No Thief” off of upcoming “Cave World” LP via YEAR0001.                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Berlin-based international DIY peace-post-punk collective CIERŃ “Glass Houses” from the debut album “The Emperor Rx”
  • London, UK ghost grunge post-punk 4-piece GHUM “Deceiver” from upcoming LP “Bitter” on Everything Sucks Music
  • Marseille, France post-punk trio CATALOGUE “Anger” from the cassette album “A collection” a collection of raw tracks from 2013 to 2019
  • New York‘s coldwave /post-punk band BLACKLIST “The Final Resistance” from the upcoming new album “Afterworld” on Profound Lore Records
  • Phoenix, AZ death rock /dark pop 4-piece (members of Take Over And Destroy), U.S. GRAVE “I Think I’m Alone” single
  • Eugene, Or goth /dark rock /post-punk trio The Bitter Ends “Death Shrouds” from “Season of Discontent” EP
  • Melbourne-based power-punk trio Clamm “Bit Much” from upcoming LP “Care” through Chapter Music.
  • Ensenada, Mexico experimental /glitchy /post-punk /minimal electronics project of Lorena Quintanilla, AKA J.Zunz “Ráfaga” from the upcoming third LP “Del Aire” on Rocket Recordings
  • Glasgow, UK based ambient /psychedelic /post-punk band led by Matthew Rochford, AKA Abrasive Trees “Kali Sends Sunflowers” from the cassette EP “Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Sunflowers”
  • Derby, UK goth /folk /darkwave solo project Raging Rausch “That’s Me Free”                                                                     


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