WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE RED DOTS “Collapse”

Video of the Day  THE RED DOTS

We featured Spanish Dark Wavers The Red Dots in the early days of this blog at the end of 2017, at the time of their remarkable debut 5 trackers “High Waves”, re-released in a remastered version in 2020.

Last week Madrid based duo are back with the magnetic highly danceable, synth-driven first preview, “Collapse”, taken from the forthcoming sophomore EP of the same name, accompanied by a symbolic black & white DIY video. 

Modern dystopic lyrics predict a collapse of society at the hands of a New World Order, whilst calling for faith, focus, and discernment to start a parallel universe.

“Collapse” gives way to ominous, percolating driving bassline undulations, steady lashing beats, crisp percussive patterns, taunting guitar strings, and serene eerie synth expansions to carry depth-defying monochromatic vocal layerings of angsty whispers, baritone echoes, and distressed celestial swarms into a ceremonial sea of sinister sirens, industrialized clanks, and terror-inducing gunfire explosions, building tension and fear amidst insightful words of encouraging wisdom.

Urban black and white video pulses and drones hypnotically in sync with the edgy electronic textures of the soundtrack turning day to night at accelerated rates over an atomized influx of motorized energy to cast cloudy, gritty vibes over a bleak post-industrialized cityscape where hidden expression of freedom and systemic destruction of the past run rampant through the mind’s eye of dystopia. Social justice warriors distract from larger issues while psychic backward flows of motion, slow the mayhem and menace, allowing suggestions of perception and illumination to enter the blinded eyes of mass psychosis. Disturbing imagery of political unrest, police state oppression, and unruly fires transition with a shadow break dancing silhouette, lighting subliminal messages of hope with sonic waves of collective consciousness.

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