WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH #13-22

  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM /industrial /minimal synth solo project Svaj. “Still Standing” limited edition lathe cut 7″ vinyl single

Swedish solo project is fresh from the release of his first EP “Rewind” that spawns mechanically and hypnotically pulsating frigid slabs of densely tight, sneakingly compelling, at times perversely danceable EBM-inflexed minimal synth-driven sound. The extrapolated cold and stark new single, “Still Standing”, ignites a reiterated, both droning and throbbing menacing bass sequence, oppressive marching martial beats and striking synth zaps around fearful, stoic male vocals and shivering screams, to unleash anxiety, dread, and passive resistance onto an overpowering regime of misery.

  • Detroit, Mi electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo VAZUM “Thief” (Single).

Motor City‘s deathgaze duo’s new single infuses doomy nocturnal vibes seared by pain-filled layers of John McGeoch-like ethereal guitar needlings, ominous cavernous basslines and evocative, shivering female vocals to forge desperate isolation and obsessive vows into a hot bleeding tragedy of aching dread. Check the beat-driven remix on the flip, wavering with dancing gothic vibes.

  • Paris based French noise rock /post-punk /coldwave trio VERSARI “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” (1980) from upcoming V/A “HONORIS III TRIBUTE TO BAUHAUS” on Unknown Pleasures Records

Following the impassionated and successful tributes by the independent label Unknown Pleasures Records to iconic bands such as Death In June and Sister Of Mercy tributes, here is the third ‘HONORIS’ dedicated to Northampton‘s gothic finest Bauhaus. Parisian post-punkers Versari deftly remakes Bauhaus1980 classic single, “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”, departing from the original off-kilter, immersive and brooding deadly vibes by bringing energy-charged ringing and electrifying guitar-laden textures that sparkle, seethe and blare like sirens throughout, screeching and barbing along with lashing and abrasive blowing progressions from high-pitched chaotic saxophone blasts surrounding the angst and trauma of restless howls, submerged screams and tortured moaning vocals, into the historical narrative about he infamous Baader-Meinhof gang’s deadliest terrorist attack in 1972.

  • Sheffield, UK ambient /cinematic /neoclassical /electronic band since 1981 formed by brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone, IN THE NURSERY “H21 Émigré (The Dressmaker)” from the upcoming album “HUMBERSTONE”
  • Melbourne based industrial /martial /neo classical act LEGION:RITUALIS “Despair (feat. Kim. Larsen)” from the debut album “Rites of Futility”
  • Russian dark ambient /ritual /pagan /dark folk act Shunema “Земля” single
  • Berlin-based noise /post-punk band, SNIFF “Get Off” debut single on Anomic Records
  • Vienna, Austria anarcho-surrealist electro post-punk project of Maren Rahmann and Didi Disko, aka LAUT FRAGEN “Grau (Viva Beton)” single on Numavi Records
  • L.A. based UK founding member of Bauhaus & Love and Rockets, David J “Vampire Blues” (Neil Young cover, 1974) from the cover album “What The Patrons Heard” on GIVE/TAKE
  • Zaporozhye, Ukraine noise rock /alternative /post-punk 4-piece POVOD “Okiah” single on элек///чество
  • Vienna-based Polish EBM /darkwave/minimal synth /electronic artist and Oramics collective member, Mala Herba “Vesnianka” from V/A “Надія в єдності / Hope In Unity” on UA humanitarian compilation on HÖR Music
  • French dark synthwave /post-punk /synthpop /military pop act LARME BLANCHE “La Flamme” from the upcoming album “Egotripes” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Kvistgård, Denmark minimal synth duo Dan Mortazavi and Kenneth Neuhaus, AKA The Product “Say Something” from the the upcoming sophomore album (39 years after their debut) “All The Love Not Given” on Sound+Matter – Sores+b-o-d-i-e-s
  • Paris-based French experimental / minimal synth /dark electronics punk project  (Violent Quand On Aime), TRIGGER MORAL “Gothik (new mix)” from the cassette album “New Live!! Urgence 21” on Simple Music Experience
  • Barcelona-based EBM /post-industrial /tribal /post-punk /minimal synth duo DAME AREA “Esto me pertenece” from the upcoming EP “Esto me pertenece” on Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  • Russian industrial /EBM /dark electronics project Uzor – “It’s A Good Day To Die For Nothing”                                            
  • Sidney, Australia lo-fi goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Chlorine Gargoyle “Crisis actor” from the CD album “Ruin” on InClub Records
  • East London based synth wave solo project of Italian multi-instrumental artist Jack Milwaukee, aka M!R!M “Faultless Pitch” 2nd single from the upcoming new album ‘’Time Traitor’’ out April 22 via Avant! Records
  • Australian Autistic Blackwave Artist, STRIBORG “Head in the Clouds” single
  • San Diego, Ca Post-Punk /Cold Wave project of Lee Guerrero, PORTRAIT “Coward” (demo)
  • Parisian darkwave /coldwave solo project SAD MADONA “Crimes” single
  • Berlin-based dark electronic /darkwave duo NNHMN “Omen” from upcoming EP “For the Comfort of your Exstazy”
  • Hamburg, Germany darkwave /goth /postpunk music producer DARK “Skeleton Dance” single from the forthcoming second LP
  • Essen, Germany based synthpop /gothic rock /darkwave artist (Aeon Sable, Melanculia, Deied, hgmr), Nino Sable “DRIVEN BY THE NIGHT” from the upcoming LP “sedate ⊚ seduce”
  • Legendary 1984 formed Dutch electro goth /darkwave pioneers CLAN OF XYMOX “Save Our Souls” UE humanitarian single on Metropolis Records
  • Los Angeles‘ goth/darkwave/coldwave project of Aryan Ashtiani aka MAREUX “The Perfect Girl (Soft Kill Remix)”                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Montpellier, France shoegaze /post-punk /coldwave solo project DRIM “Ask the sky” from the debut EP “Weird thoughts”
  • London based dark synthpop project of Alessio Croe (former lead vocalist from Italian post-punk band In Loving Memory), MY HYSTERIA “Dawn” from “DARK” [LP]
  • Bogotà, Colombia darkwave /coldwave duo ANTIFLVX “A Wound of Love” single from Antiflvx’s upcoming third album on skyQode
  • Grevenbroich, Germany Goth /Darkwave /Synthpop band Dusk To Dawn – “Not This World” from the album “Transition” (first released in 2018)
  • Russian dark electro/experimental solo project from Moscow, ElektroTerapi – “Elektro Resistance” from “Диагноз: Фетишизм” EP
  • Russian synthwave /EBM /coldwave /electronic producers Namesis and Sunko, AKA Ninetees “Plastic (Baroque remix)” from the cassette album “On The Knees” on SOIL
  • London, UK-based industrial /darkwave /post-punk duo Corlyx “Raindrops (feat. Massive Ego)” from the upcoming “Raindrops” (EP) on Out Of Line Music
  • Reutlingen, Germany dark synth /electropop artist FELIX MARC “Touch” single
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania synthpop act Machine Made Pleasure “Nevermore (People Threatre s try mix)” from “Danceland Graffiti” EP
  • Queens, NY post-punk /disco /synth-pop duo The Heart Attack-Acks “Never-Ending Shitshow” single
  • Düsseldorf based darkwave /electro duo Fort Nimmermehr “Rush” from the album “Varied”
  • Swedish electronic /synthpop solo project of Brotherhood‘s singer Micke Lönngren, aka Lønnkrog “Såret mellan natt och dag” from the single “Såret mellan natt och dag / Sankt Jörgens allé”
  • Lisbon, Portugal coldwave /darkwave /dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, aka Liquid Land “False Alarm” new single                                                                                                                       
  • Italian dark wave / post-punk outfit from Bologna, EUROPEAN GHOST “Black Planet”                                                                            
  • Santiago, Chile goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Absencia “El Frío” from upcoming album “Presencia”
  • Ukrainian Post-Punk /Gothic Rock /Darkgaze project of Serj Kost from Kyiv, GENTLE ROPES “OČI” single
  • Brooklyn, NY post-punk /darkwave duo, A Cloud of Ravens “The Call Up” (The Clash cover) UA humanitarian relief single
  • Barcelona based shoegaze /new wave /dark pop /post-punk duo Tomeu Mulet and Biel Riera, AKA POLSEGUERA “Pedregar” from the album “Ermàs” on Ediciones Populares
  • French darkwave /coldwave /post-punk duo from Nancy, JESUS LIVES IN VEGAS “Strange Paranoid” from s/t 4-track maxi-single on Masse Noire Records
  • Nyborg, Denmark new wave /post-punk trio Factöry “A distant dance” from “demo-1” EP
  • California‘s coldwave /dark post-punk band (former members of All Teeth, Life Long Tragedy and Creative Adult), FEARING “However Long” from upcoming EP “Desolate”
  • L.A. goth /darkwave /post-punk duo Tsaffire “Angels” from Self Titled E.P.
  • Hungarian Oldschool Gothic Rock /Post-Punk band Utolso Hullam “Oly melyen alszol” second single                                           
  • French post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band Sexblood “Sleeping Angel” from the LP “Teach Me To Cry” on Swiss Dark Nights.
  • Ukraine instrumental post-punk /synthpop project Поодинока Кімната / Poodynoka Kimnata “Попіл Війни” single
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia industrial /electronic /shoegaze /synth-punk band, DRIVEOVER “Lovin’ You” single
  • Brooklyn, NY electronic pop/post-punk project of Heather Elle (ex-BODEGA / The Wants bassist), aka FLOSSING “Men on the Menu” single via Brace Yourself Records
  • LA‘s deathrock acid synth-punk act VR SEX “THE WATCHERS” from “Horseplay” EP on Dais Records
  • Hungarian Synthwave /Post-punk band based in Békéscsaba, Empty Story “Halál csókja” single
  • Columbus, Oh Darkwave /Goth /Post-Punk duo Vague Allure “Not Like This” from the upcoming debut EP “Eclipse”
  • Spanish new wave /cold wave /post-punk duo (former Cromosoma 3) from Alicante, Sindicato Vertical “Quite Ability” from the sophomore album “Our Future”
  • Hamilton, Ontario lo-fi /goth /post-punk band WET MAKEUP “Forcefield” new single
  • Belarusian new wave /post-punk solo project from Mogilev, Зубы:) “Черная весна (feat. KOSMOKLEI)” from the EP “Седьмой кринж”
  • Leipzig, Germany new wave /post-punk 4-piece ONYON “Shining River Utah” from the cassette s/t album on U-Bac
  • Cincinnati, Ohio coldwave /post-punk band (members of The Serfs and The Drin), Crime of Passing “Tender Fixation” from the upcoming S/T LP on Feel It Records and Future Shock Recordings.
  • German New Wave /Post-punk outfit from Leipzig, Heavy Petting “Tanke” from the cassette album “anfahr’n am Berg” on U-Bac
  • Netherlands no wave /funk /post-punk band GEO “Night Fiction” off of 2-track single ” Night fiction b/w Sigh my thoughts”
  • L.A. punk band with members of Nass Zurück and Death Gang, THE NEW ERA “Teenage lobotomy” (The Ramones cover) from “Happy crisis” EP
  • West Palm Beach, Fl lo-fi /garage /synth-punk outfit RUDE TELEVISION “Exactly” from the album “Distractions”
  • Netherlands post-punk /indie noise rock producer and musician, Ioana Iorgu “Painkillers” single
  • Berlin-based DanishCanadian new wave /synthpop multidisciplinary-audiovisual artist SALLY DIGE “I Will Be the Sun for You” single
  • Hamburg-based dream pop /synthpop band KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA “Open The Door” from the upcoming “Swim In The Blue” EP
  • Colorado Springs psychedelic /occult pop /new wave /synth-pop trio Glass Parade – “Heaven II” from the album “You Must Be Dreaming”

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